GACE Middle Grades Reading Practice Test (012)

Reading is an important skill to learn early in one’s education. Not only is reading important, but so is comprehension (understanding what you read). Plus, reading development also leads to improved writing skills, so it’s a win-win situation. If your goal is to become a reading teacher for Georgia students in grades 4–8, you’ll be required to take the GACE Middle Grades Reading exam.


The GACE Middle Grades Reading exam has just one part with three subareas: curriculum and instruction (35%), assessment and evaluation (35%) and diversity and literate environment (30%). You will be tested on your knowledge of literacy foundations, theories of reading and writing processes, curriculum development, diverse works of literature in various genres and understanding of various instructional approaches.

The exam will also assess you knowledge of the assessment process and the various aspects such as screening, diagnosis, monitoring progress and measuring outcomes. You will also be asked how to use and interpret this data to help each student gain literacy, as well as understand how diversity affects literacy and how you can model positivity toward reading and writing.

As with all tests, it’s important to get the best score possible. How can you accomplish this? By taking the GACE Middle Grades Reading practice test. This free test is helpful for those who want to see how much they know and get a better idea of the types of questions to expect. To get an even better score, consider investing in the GACE Middle Grades Reading study guide. You’ll be able to take your studying to a whole new level. The comprehensive outline, tips and advice you receive will allow you to feel extra confident on test day.

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