What's on the ATI TEAS 6

What’s on the ATI TEAS 6 Exam

On August 31, 2016 ATI will begin rolling out a new edition of the TEAS exam. Here’s your chance to become familiar with the new test.

As with the TEAS V, the ATI TEAS 6 exam is a standardized exam that is given to those who wish to attend nursing school. The ATI TEAS 6 exam is timed for 3.5 hours and contains 4 content areas:

Reading: 53 total questions
-Key Ideas & Details-22 questions
-Craft & Structure-14 questions
-Integration of Knowledge-11 questions

Math: 36 total questions
-Numbers & Algebra-23 questions
-Measurement & Data-9 questions

Science: 53 total questions
-Human Anatomy & Physiology-32 questions
-Life & Physical Science-8 questions
-Scientific Reasoning-7 questions

English & Language Usage: 28 total questions
-Conventions of Standard English-9 questions
-Knowledge of Language-9 questions
-Vocabulary Acquisition-6 questions

TEAS Test Study Guide – Free TEAS Practice Test

What's on the ATI Teas 6

ATI TEAS 6 Test Fees

When registering to take the ATI TEAS 6 test, you will be required to submit a fee of $115.

ATI TEAS 6 Test Additional Info

The ATI TEAS 6 exam is used to determine the ability of potential students to adjust to the nursing program.

There is no passing score for the ATI TEAS 6 exam. Each section is given a composite score, and subscores are given for categories of specific content. You should contact your school to see what they consider as passing.


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