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These TEAS practice questions will give you a better idea of what to study on your exam:

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New Question Types on the TEAS 7

On the TEAS 6, multiple-choice questions were the only type of questions you were given. This has changed on the TEAS 7. The TEAS 7 features four new question types in addition to multiple-choice:

  • Multiple-Choice: Multiple-choice questions provide four answer choices, with only one option available to select as the correct answer. In addition to text, some questions include charts, exhibits, and graphics.Multiple-choice question example
  • Multiple-Select: Multiple-select questions provide four or more answer choices, and more than one answer choice may be correct. For these questions, a prompt appears, asking you to “select all that apply.” To correctly answer a question, you must select all correct answers. If you select any incorrect answer choices and/or do not select all of the correct answer choices, that question is scored as incorrect; no partial credit is given.Multiple-select question example
  • Supply Answer: Supply answer questions do not provide answer choices. Instead, the question asks you to “fill in the blank” or to simply answer the question provided. Words and numbers are both acceptable as answers.
  • Hot Spot: Hot spot questions provide an image containing between two and five clickable areas. You must click on the area of the image that correctly answers the question.
  • Ordered Response: Ordered response questions require you to correctly order a set of given responses. Each question provides between four and six responses, and you must drag each option from a box on the left to a box on the right. If any response option is out of order, the entire question is scored as incorrect; no partial credit is given.

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Practice for the TEAS the Best Way

How to Study Effectively

When studying for your TEAS test, you not only want to be committed to setting aside plenty of time, but you also want to be sure that during that time, you are actually studying in the most effective way.

How can you know if your study time is effective? Well, one of the best ways to check is by taking a free TEAS practice test. Practice tests allow you to gauge how prepared you are for the actual test. Not only will a TEAS sample test help you gauge how prepared you are, but it will also show you exactly which areas are your weakest.

After you take a TEAS practice test, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which TEAS questions did I miss?
  • Were there questions I was unsure of, even though I got them right?
  • Which questions were hard to understand and took the longest?

When you ask yourself these questions, it will help expose the areas that you struggle with the most so that you know which areas need more attention during your study time. It may also be helpful for you to pinpoint exactly why you struggled with specific questions. Did you find the material hard to comprehend? Were you unfamiliar with some of the words and their meanings? Should you spend more time practicing a specific type of TEAS question to familiarize yourself and build speed? Really try using these questions to uncover any limitations as you continue to work through the material.

Answer Explanations

TEAS practice tests also often contain portions that expound on each answer choice. These are known as answer explanations or answer rationales. While this is a great source of extra information, be cautious not to read through the explanation and, because it makes sense, assume that you understand the entire concept in depth. It may be that the explanation only expounds on a narrow portion of a very broad topic, so be sure to review and dig into each topic that the question is referencing until you have a comfortable grasp of it.

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Comprehend Each Topic

Another reason to make sure that you have a thorough understanding of each topic is because the TEAS practice test is simply practice. If you try to rely on having the questions from the TEAS sample test memorized, you may be making things harder on yourself.

The odds that you have the exact same questions on your test are probably pretty low, so if you only know the right answers on the practice test, but you don’t know why each answer is the right answer, then you may not do as well as you hope. Thoroughly study each concept until you have comprehended it. This is the best way to guarantee success on the actual TEAS test.

Don’t Become Overwhelmed

Try not to overwhelm yourself as you study. If you jump into taking a practice test before even looking at the study material, this can cause you to feel discouraged.

Practice tests are meant to be taken after you have done the hard work of studying and are ready to test yourself on your ability to recall it.

The day that you take the actual TEAS test, you will be expected to be able to answer the TEAS questions, have mastered test-taking time management, and apply all the strategies that you have learned. That is a lot to expect.

Keep in mind that you aren’t just preparing for a one-time test; you’re preparing for your long-term future. That being said, be sure to pace yourself. If you do this, you will be ready on TEAS test day.

Other TEAS Practice Resources

As you prepare, it may be helpful to use different types of resources to help you study. Mometrix offers all the help you need. At the top of this page, you can find links to TEAS practice tests, study guides, flashcards, and more. We also offer several videos helping to further explain complex topics. Check out our TEAS study guide videos here.

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TEAS Practice Methods

Try using the following methods, as you begin taking practice tests:

  1. Remove Limitations. Try taking the TEAS practice test without time limitations, open notes, and with TEAS study guide in hand. Obviously, try not to depend on these resources but have them available.
  2. Time Yourself. When you take the second practice test, keep all of the same resources, but time yourself to practice learning how to pace yourself for the test.
  3. Simulate Test Day. After taking the first two TEAS practice tests, take every other practice test as if it is test day. Time yourself, eliminate all outside resources, sit at a desk, and pretend like you are at the actual testing facility. Do the best that you can to answer the questions correctly and in a timely manner.
  4. Keep Practicing. After you have finished simulating test day, keep practicing. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you will be on test day.

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