ATI TEAS® 7 Test Outline [Infographic]

The ATI TEAS® 7 exam is a standard entrance-level exam required for those wishing to attend nursing school. Nursing programs across the country use the TEAS to assess students’ abilities in the areas of Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage, helping to ensure that students are fully equipped to take on the field of nursing.

If you’re preparing for the ATI TEAS® 7 exam, here is a great breakdown of what you can expect on the exam!
TEAS 7 Exam breakdown
Online TEAS Course

READING – 45 questions timed for 55 minutes

Key Ideas & Details (15 questions)
    • Summarize a multi-paragraph text
    • Make inferences and draw conclusions about a text’s purpose and meaning
    • Demonstrate comprehension of written directions
    • Locate specific information in a text
    • Analyze, interpret, and apply information from charts, graphs, and other visuals
    • Interpret events in a sequence
Craft & Structure (9 questions)
    • Distinguish between fact and opinion
    • Use context to interpret the meaning of words and phrases
    • Evaluate an author’s purpose in a given text
    • Evaluate an author’s point of view in a given text
Integration of Knowledge & Ideas (15 questions)
    • Use evidence from a text to make predictions and inferences and to draw conclusions
    • Compare and contrast the themes expressed in one or more texts
    • Evaluate an argument
    • Evaluate and integrate data from multiple sources across various formats

Pretest Questions (6 questions)

MATH – 38 questions timed for 57 minutes

Numbers & Algebra (18 questions)
    • Convert among non-negative fractions, decimals, and percentages
    • Perform arithmetic operations with rational numbers
    • Compare and order rational numbers
    • Solve equations with one variable
    • Solve real-world problems using one- or multi-step operations with real numbers
    • Solve real-world problems involving percentages
    • Apply estimation strategies and rounding rules to real-world problems
    • Solve real-world problems involving proportions
    • Solve real-world problems involving ratios and rates of change
    • Solve real-world situations using expressions, equations, and inequalities
Measurement & Data (16 questions)
    • Interpret relevant information from tables, charts, and graphs
    • Evaluate the information in data sets, tables, charts, and graphs using statistics
    • Explain the relationship between two variables
    • Calculate geometric quantities
    • Convert with and between standard and metric systems

Pretest Questions (6 questions)

SCIENCE – 50 questions timed for 60 minutes

Human Anatomy & Physiology (18 questions)
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the general orientation of human anatomy
    • Describe the anatomy and physiology of the following systems:
      • Respiratory system
      • Cardiovascular system
      • Digestive system
      • Nervous system
      • Muscular system
      • Male and female reproductive systems
      • Integumentary system
      • Endocrine system
      • Urinary system
      • Immune system
      • Skeletal system
Biology (9 questions)
    • Describe cell structure, function, and organization
    • Describe the relationship between genetic material and the structure of proteins
    • Apply concepts underlying Mendel’s laws of inheritance
    • Describe the structure and function of the basic macromolecules in a biological system
    • Describe the role of microorganisms in disease
Chemistry (8 questions)
    • Recognize basic atomic structure
    • Know the physical properties and changes of matter
    • Describe chemical reactions
    • Demonstrate how conditions affect chemical reactions
    • Understand properties of solutions
    • Describe concepts of acids and bases
Scientific Reasoning (9 questions)
    • Use basic scientific measurements and tools
    • Apply logic and evidence to a scientific explanation
    • Predict relationships among events, objects, and processes
    • Apply the scientific method to interpret a scientific investigation

Pretest Questions (6 questions)

ENGLISH & LANGUAGE USAGE – 37 questions timed for 37 minutes

Conventions of Standard English (12 questions)
    • Use conventions of standard English spelling
    • Use conventions of standard English pronunciation
    • Use correct sentence structures
Knowledge of Language (11 questions)
    • Use grammar to enhance clarity in writing
    • Evaluate if language meets the needs of a particular audience
    • Develop a well-organized paragraph
Using Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writing
    • Apply basic knowledge of the elements of the writing process to communicate effectively
    • Determine the meaning of words by analyzing word parts

Pretest Questions (4 questions)

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