How to Turn Yards into Feet and Inches

When finding yardage distance in feet and inches, you will first need to determine what the conversion factor is. 1 yard = 3 feet, so the conversion factor is 3ft./1yd. Multiply the total number of yards by this conversion factor. For example, 1,550 yd. x 3ft./1yd. The yards on either side of the equation will cancel each other out, leaving you with 1,550 x 3ft. = 4,650ft. To convert this into inches, use the unit conversion 12in. = 1ft, which you will multiply by the number of feet. Once again, the feet on either side cancel each other out, leaving you with 4,650 x 12in. = 55,800in.

Finding Yardage Distance in Feet and Inches

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Last updated: 05/03/2018


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