How to Convert Kilograms to Pounds

Converting Kilograms to Pounds

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Converting kilograms to pounds is really very straight forward. For every 1kg you have 2.2lbs.

So, in order to convert kilograms to pounds all we have to do is multiply our kilograms by 2.2lbs/kg. Now, here is something that is important to know. If you were to just multiply your kilograms by 2.2, then your units would still be in kilograms. It is very important to make the distinction between kg x 2.2 and kg x 2/2lbs/kgs. In our second option, kilograms cancel out and leave us with pounds for our units. Which is what we need to happen in order to convert kilograms to pounds. Now, let’s look at some examples.

Convert the following masses to pounds.

47kg, 9.78kg, and 29.521kg

47kg x (2.2lbs/kgs) = 47kg x (2.2lbs/kgs)= 103.4lbs

9.78kg x (2.2lbs/kg) = 9.78kg x (2.2lbs/kg)= 21.516lbs

29.521kg x (2.2lbs/kg) = 29.521kg x (2.2lbs/kg)= 64.9462lbs

If you wanted to convert pounds to kilograms then you just flip your ratio.

Let’s take a look.

Convert the following masses to kilograms.

91lbs, 65lbs, and 73.92lbs

91lbs x (1kg/2.2lbs) = 91lbs x (1kg/2.2lbs) = 41.36kg

65lbs x (1kg/2.2lbs) = 65lbs x (1kg/2.2lbs) = 29.55kg

73.92lbs x (1kg/2.2lbs) = 73.92lbs x (1kg/2.2lbs)= 33.6kg

Converting kilograms, or really any unit of measurement is typically very simple as long as you know the ratio. So, remember, for every 1kg you have 2.2lbs.

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by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: June 11, 2020