CLEP History of the United States II Review Course

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Lesson 1: Civil War and Reconstruction

  1. 13th Amendment
  2. 14th Amendment
  3. 15th Amendment
  4. Reconstruction
  5. Reconstruction: The Reconstruction Governments

Lesson 2: American West

  1. Native American Policies of the United States
  2. Indian Wars in the United States
  3. Second Industrial Revolution: The American Railroad System

Lesson 3: Dawn of the 20th Century

  1. The Gilded Age: An Overview
  2. The Gilded Age: Chinese Immigration
  3. The Gilded Age: Labor Strikes
  4. The Progressive Era

Lesson 4: World War 1

  1. World War I: An Overview
  2. Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points

Lesson 5: Economic Rise and Fall

  1. 1920s
  2. The Great Depression

Lesson 6: World War 2

  1. World War II
  2. World War II: Japan
  3. World War II: Germany

Lesson 7: Cold War

  1. The Cold War: The United States and Russia
  2. The Cold War: Resolution

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