CLEP Western Civilization II Practice Test

College is expensive and time-consuming. People can find themselves staying at colleges 4 to 5 years and having to pay $85,760 on average for their tuition plus room and board. Many students will wind up taking a CLEP test to help reduce the time and money they spend in college. One such test is the CLEP Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present test.

The 120 questions that make up the test are spread among 12 main subjects. These subjects are as follows: Absolutism and Constitutionalism, 1648-1715; Competition for empire and economic expansion; The scientific view of the world; Period of Enlightenment; Revolution and Napoleonic Europe; The Industrial Revolution; Political and cultural developments, 1815-1848; Politics and diplomacy in the Age of Nationalism, 1850-1914; Economy, culture, and imperialism, 1850-1914; The First World War and the Russian Revolution; Europe between the wars; as well as The Second World War and contemporary Europe. These subjects are vast and difficult. Feel at ease on test day by taking out CLEP Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present Practice Test.


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