CLEP Exams

Get a head start on your college education.

For an efficient and effective way to get college hours out of the way, CLEP offers 34 tests covering material students usually find themselves tackling in their first two years of college.

With subjects from Biology to American Literature to Government, CLEP offers a variety of tests. Depending on the university, passing a CLEP test equates to completing three to twelve hours varying from subject to subject.

Free CLEP Practice Tests

Use the free CLEP practice test questions below to get a better understanding of the CLEP exam. Take advantage of this valuable free CLEP prep to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

What is a CLEP Exam?

CLEP stands for College-Level Examination Program, which is a program offered by the College Board to help students receive college credits before taking a particular college course. Taking and passing a CLEP exam allows you to utilize your current experience and expertise faster and cheaper.

Benefits of Taking a CLEP Exam

There are many potential benefits of taking a CLEP exam, including the following:

  • You can obtain a degree in a shorter amount of time.
  • The exams are less expensive than college courses. In fact, students who earn 15 credits through CLEP exams can save between $5,000 and $17,000.
  • Students who take the CLEP exams typically have higher GPAs.
  • Military personnel and their spouses can take the CLEP exams for free.
  • Veterans of the military qualify for the military discounts and benefits package.

CLEP Registration

You can register for your chosen CLEP exam online via the College Board website.

During the registration process, you will need to pay the $90 exam fee. You will also choose whether to take the exam at a testing center or remotely. If you are taking the exam in-person, you must ensure that you print out your examination ticket once you have completed the registration process.

You can receive a refund for the CLEP exams for up to 7 days after you complete the purchase.

CLEP Scores

CLEP exams are scored so that one point is awarded for each correct answer, and you will not have points taken away for any incorrect answers. You will also not have points taken away if you skip a question altogether.

The number of correct answers you have will be your raw score. The raw score will be converted into a scaled score, which is typically in numeric form ranging from 20 to about 80.

Your unofficial score report will be available on your screen as soon as you finish the exam, and an official report will be made available the next day when you log in to your CLEP account.



Who can take a CLEP exam?


All CLEP exams are available for anyone age 13 or older living in the United States.


How many questions are on a CLEP exam?


The number of questions on an exam will differ according to the subject of the exam and whether the exam is formatted to correspond to a one-semester college course or a two-year college course.


What types of questions are on a CLEP exam?


The majority of questions on the CLEP exams are multiple-choice, and some exams include essay questions. If you take the World Language exams, you will also have questions with auditory components.


How long is a CLEP exam?


The time limit for most CLEP exams is 90 minutes.


Can you retake a CLEP exam?


Yes, you may take a CLEP exam as many times as you wish. There is a 90-day waiting period between each attempt.


by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: October 30, 2023