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Many people do not want to take a natural science class in college. They feel it is a waste of money and time. To help alleviate this problem the CLEP Natural Sciences exam was created as an alternative to taking the actual class. This 120 question exam is made up of two main sections with their own subsections.


The first section is the Biological Science section, which covers topics like: Origin and evolution of life, classification of organisms; Cell organization, cell division, chemical nature of the gene, bioenergetics, biosynthesis; Structure, function, and development in organisms, patterns of heredity; as well as Concepts of population biology with emphasis on ecology.

The second section is the Physical Science section, which covers content such as: Atomic and nuclear structure and properties, elementary particles, nuclear reactions; Chemical elements, compounds and reactions, molecular structure and bonding; Heat, thermodynamics, and states of matter, classical mechanics, relativity; Electricity and magnetism, waves, light, and sound; The universe- galaxies, stars, the solar system; as well as The Earth- atmosphere, hydrosphere, structure features, geologic processes, and history. With the help of our CLEP Natural Sciences Practice Test, passing this exam will be a breeze.

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