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Why do you have to take the TEAS®? Nursing schools have two main challenges when it comes to admissions. The first one is that there are far more applicants for nursing programs than there are available slots. They can only admit a fraction of their applicants. The second one is that nursing school is difficult, and they want to make sure that everyone they admit is up to the academic challenge. So they use the TEAS® test to make sure only qualified applicants are admitted. It consists of 170 multiple-choice questions in four areas: math, English, science, and language. A low score on the TEAS® can prevent you from ever becoming a nurse. Use the free TEAS® prep videos at Mometrix Academy to make sure you do your very best on the exam.


TEAS Video Review

What's on the TEAS? - TEAS Test Breakdown

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Last updated: 09/18/2014
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