SAT Score Release Dates

When Do SAT Scores Come Out?

You’ve studied and studied and you felt good about yourself when you finally sat down to take the SAT. Once you’ve finished the SAT exam, you’re probably wondering when you can expect to see your test scores, because waiting for something like that is stressful!

Your SAT scores play an important role in your college admissions process. And many test-takers want to know how well they did on the exam.

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So when should you expect your SAT scores?

SAT scores are typically available online within two to three weeks after your test date.

  • The multiple-choice scores come out 13 days after you take your test.
  • You will receive your essay score 3-5 days after your multiple-choice scores.
  • Colleges will receive your scores 10 days after you receive all of your scores.

Scores are also released in waves throughout the day. Some scores are released as early as 5 AM Eastern Time.

How Long is the SAT Test?

How Do I Get My SAT Scores?

To get your SAT scores, the easiest way to see your scores is through your online CollegeBoard account.

SAT Score Release Dates

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