What's on the AP Biology Exam

What’s on the AP Biology Exam? [Infographic]

AP tests are exams designed to measure a person’s grasp of a particular subject area. Passing one of these exams certifies that you have achieved a level of learning commensurate with that of a student who has passed college classes on the subject.

If you’re in high school and are preparing for college, Advanced Placement (AP) courses are a great way to go with earning college credit while still being in high school.

The AP Biology exam is organized around the principles which encompass the core scientific principles, theories, and processes governing living organisms and biological systems. The AP Biology exam consists of 63 questions takes 3 hours to complete. Students who wish to take the AP exam should expect to pay a $92 fee and must score a 3 on the exam to be considered as passing. Scores on the AP exam range from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest score.

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What’s on the AP Biology Test

What's on the AP Biology Exam

The AP Biology exam consists of 63 multiple-choice questions that account for 50% of the exam. The questions on the multiple-choice section require:

• the use of modeling to explain biological principles
• the use of mathematical processes to explain concepts
• the making of predictions and the justification of phenomena
• the implementation of experimental design
• the manipulation and interpretation of data

AP Biology Secrets Study Guide
AP Biology Secrets Study Guide

The AP Biology exam also includes a free-response section with 8 questions that account for the other 50% of the exam score. There are 2 long response questions and 6 short response questions. In this section, students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of biology in the context of authentic problems and research.

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