Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills (EAS) Flashcard Study System

Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills (EAS) Flashcard Study System

The NES, or the National Evaluation Series Certification is a series of tests that provide certifications for entry-level teachers. The NES exams are based on a variety of subjects including math, basic reading, art, and English as a second language.

MTLE Flashcard Study System
MTLE Flashcard Study System

The Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills exam is one of the testing options for those who wish to become a teacher in Minnesota. This exam measures the individual’s competencies and knowledge of the basic academic skills which includes reading, writing, and math.

The Reading subtest of the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills exam contains 45 multiple-choice questions and are timed for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The Writing subtest contains 36 multiple-choice questions and 1 written assignment. This section is timed for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The Math subtest contains 45 multiple-choice questions and you are given 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete it.

Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills Practice Questions

Choose the underlined word or phrase that is unnecessary in the context of the passage.

1. Carter swung mightily at the third pitch and lofted a double to left field, over the head of the vegetarian

a. mightily

b. to left field

c. over the head

d. vegetarian

Each passage may contain an error of grammar or usage. Some sentences do not contain an error. If an error is present, it will be found in one of the underlined passages corresponding to the letters A-C. Select the letter corresponding to the part that must be corrected. If there is no error, select Choice D.

2.This map of global economic development clearly demonstrates(A) that growth n the United States and Western Europe is(B) and will continue to lag behind the geographic sectors of Asia, Latin America, and significant portions(C) of Africa.

a. A

b. B

c. C

d. No error

3. Miguel buys a loaf of bread at the grocery store for $4.25. He also buys two bottles of soda at $2.15 each, a chocolate bar for $1.90, a bottle of shampoo for $5.25, and three magazines at $1.50 each. How much did he spend in all?

a. $16.05

b. $19.05

c. $20.20

d. $20.45


D: All of the other underlined words add necessary detail to the description of a hit during a baseball game, but the fact that the shortstop may be a vegetarian is irrelevant to the rest of the depiction.

B: This verb is an auxiliary to the verb “to lag” which follows; however, the form “is lag” is obviously incorrect. The sentence must be rephrased to accommodate the present and future tenses the author wishes to express. For example, “growth is lagging – and will continue to lag – the sectors…”.

C: Add the numbers together, noting that there are two sodas and three magazines: $4.25 + 2 × $2.15 + $1.90 + $5.25 + 3 × $1.50 = $4.25 + $4.30 + $1.90 + $5.25 + $4.50 = $20.20.

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