6 Steps of Consultation

Steps in Consultation

Any time you go in for a consultation, it’s important to remember the following six steps and to proceed through them in order that the consultation might be successful. The first step in a successful consultation is first to decide what the problem is.

This is the first step, because you need to know exactly why you’re coming in for the consultation. What Is the specific problem that needs to be addressed? Once the problem has been identified, then the second step in a successful consultation is to identify the proper person who will be able to address the particular problem.

When you know what the problem is, you’re more likely to find the correct person to deal with it. Identify that person so that they can be brought in in order to find the proper solution. You’ve decided the problem is, you’ve identified the proper person to deal with that particular problem. Then, third, you need to give this person that you’ve identified and step two any relevant information.

You don’t need to bring in extraneous matters at this point but give all the necessary relevant information pertaining to the problem that you’ve identified in step one. Now, the next step is difficult in a good consultation, because we naturally go this way, but you need to refrain from giving the consultant your opinion. Remember, you’ve brought them in to help you solve the problem.

Refrain from giving them your opinion unless asked to do so. You’ve decided what the problem is, identified it correctly, you’ve identified the proper person to help you with this problem, you’ve given them all the relevant information, you have refrained from giving your opinion unless asked to do so. Then, next, you need to be ready to listen. Give time for them to give you their opinion as to the proper steps to take.

Ready to listen to them, because you’ve brought them in to help you to solve this problem. Then, finally, for a consultation to be truly successful after you’ve listened and heard what they had to say, you need to implement the advice given. These six steps are necessary for a successful consultation: To find the problem, identify the proper person, give them the relevant information, withhold your opinion unless asked, listen to what they have to say, and then implement the advice given.



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