The following PSB resources are helpful tools in preparing you for your healthcare exams offered by the Psychological Services Bureau. We offer many PSB exam video review tutorials in the following sections. We have more videos being added on a continual basis.

PSB-HO Course Review

If you’re hoping to go to college to train for a career in health care, you may be required to take the PSB-HO exam. The acronym stands for Psychological Services Bureau – Health Occupations test. PSB is the organization which produces and administers the test. Unlike many standardized tests, the PSB Health Occupations Aptitude examination is specifically oriented toward testing for knowledge and abilities which are necessary for success in training for a career in healthcare. It has a strong track record of successfully predicting which students will do well in healthcare education, which is why so many schools rely on it. There are five parts to the multiple choice test: vocational aptitude, academic aptitude, natural sciences, spelling, and reading comprehension. Because a person’s score is such a large factor in admission decisions, it’s critical to be extremely well-prepared before sitting down and taking the PSB-HO. You’ll find a wide variety of helpful prep videos here at Mometrix Academy.

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PSB-PN Course Review

The PSB-PN, or Psychological Services Bureau – Practical Nursing exam is an integral part in becoming a licensed practical nurse. Because studying to become an LPN is quite difficult, schools want to do their best to make sure that everyone they admit is up to the challenge, and this exam does that very well. Because it’s so useful in this regard, an applicant’s PSB-PN score is given a lot of weight in the admission process. While a high score won’t necessarily guarantee admission, it will be extremely helpful. A low score, on the other hand, can certainly ruin a person’s chances of being admitted, no matter how strong their application is in other areas. The five part test is multiple choice, and covers academic aptitude, natural sciences, reading comprehension, spelling, and vocational aptitude. While the test is very challenging, the good news is that proper preparation can give you a strong advantage. Use the many PSB-PN prep videos here at Mometrix Academy to get an edge up on the exam.

PSB-HO Online Prep Course

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PSB-HO Study Guide Customer Success Stories

Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our PSB test study guide. The PSB study guide reviews below are examples of customer experiences.

I love how it goes over every type of test and adds in examples for each comment made. It tends to all kinds of readers whether its hands on with tests, has videos, and just reading. It goes over stuff I have not gone over in a long time and is a great refresher. I also like that I am able to go over and do an exam with the booklet.

PSB-HO Study Guide – Customer

So far, I love the study guide. It has helped give a clear understanding of the concepts. I take my test in a few weeks and feel very prepared!

PSB-HO Study Guide – Cheyenne

The guide is comprehensive, and well written. It has definitely been the best tool in my preparation for taking the PSB exam. With this study guide, I feel extremely confident that I will do great on my upcoming exam! I can’t wait to see what the DVD has to offer!

PSB-HO Study Guide – Avery

I have enjoyed this book, and really love having the practice test in the back. My product rate is a 5! The book is great quality and full of useful information for my test.

PSB-HO Study Guide – Allison

These study questions will be a good preparation for taking the actual psb test. There is a variety of questions from each subject that will help me better prepare for this exam.

PSB-HO Study Guide – Summer

The book has been easy to read and has great examples of test questions. I have enjoyed reading and studying the questions. I like the way it is organized into subjects and it’s readability.

PSB-HO Study Guide – Margaret

I think that the product so far has provided good information about the exam and what to expect. I think the book is organized very well and helps to stay on track.

PSB-HO Study Guide – Heather

I liked that the material was straight forward and that it emphasized on doing practice test and most important is to know your material. Also the general strategies were very informative.

PSB-HO Study Guide – Tricia

I love this book. I bought it after I looked at other reviews. It focuses on my PSB test. Subjects are clear, and they are easy to understand. I like the Secret Keys in the book too. I think this book will help me prepare very well for the test on July.

PSB-HO Study Guide – Customer


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