PSB Registered Nursing Exam

The Psychological Services Bureau offers the Nursing School Aptitude Exam for candidates seeking admission to a nursing program. The test is actually made up of five separate subtests which will each be scored individually.

How Do I Sign Up for the PSB Registered Nursing Exam?

In order to schedule an appointment, you will first have to submit an intent to apply with the college counselor at the school you are applying to. Once you have done this, you will be able to schedule your appointment to take the test at the school you are applying to. You will likely have to pay a modest exam fee. The amount is set by the school where you are taking the test but it is usually around $25.

What Will I Be Tested On?

The exam is divided into five separate subtests as follows:

  • Academic Aptitude (90 Questions): This subtest will be further divided into three sections of 30 questions each. Those sections are verbal, arithmetic, and nonverbal.
  • Spelling (50 Questions): As the name implies, this subtest will measure your aptitude for spelling words correctly and recognizing the correctly spelled version of a word.
  • Reading Comprehension (40 Questions): Similar to reading comprehension tests on other exams, this subtest requires you to read short passages, interpret key ideas, determine the author’s intent, describe the organization and structure, and draw conclusions based upon but reaching beyond the text itself.
  • Information in the Natural Sciences (90 Questions): Fundamental to any nursing program is a basic understanding of the principles of the natural sciences. This test will measure your understanding of elementary concepts in biology, chemistry, health, and other natural sciences.
  • Vocational Adjustment Index (90 Questions): The day to day demands of nursing require an ability to remain calm under pressure, to remain respectful and neutral with difficult patients, and to maintain a consistent level of professionalism. This subtest will act as a sort of personality test to determine whether or not you possess the personality and mental strength to meet these unique demands of the job.

The verbal section of the academic aptitude subtest will be almost exclusively vocabulary questions asking you to define words. The arithmetic section will contain math up to an eighth grade level but the key focus here is on your speed of computation. You need to be able to calculate sums, differences, products, and so on rapidly and in your head. There is no calculator allowed.

The nonverbal section is a bit like an IQ test in that you’ll need to look for relationships between different forms, manipulate shapes in your head, reason out differences between objects, and perform other primarily visual information.

You will have one hour and 45 minutes to answer a total of about 360 questions. This is extremely limited amount of time for such a large amount of questions is intentional so make sure that as you study, you work on improving your speed as much as possible.

How Is the PSB Registered Nursing Exam Scored?

You’ll get a raw score and a percentile ranking for each section of the exam. Your raw score represents the actual amount of questions you answered correctly while the percentile ranking represents where you stand in relation to other test takers. For example, if your percentile ranking is 65, that means that you performed better than 65% of people who take the test.

Because this is an aptitude exam rather than a certification exam, there is no minimum score required but the better you do, the better your chances are of being admitted to the program you are applying to.

PSB Registered Nursing Exam Practice Test

PSB RN Exam Preparation

What’s the Best Way to Prepare for each of the Subtests?

Many of the subtests will benefit from time spent studying and practicing the necessary skills. This is especially true of each of the verbal sections as well as the arithmetic section. The Mometrix Study Guide will be the most beneficial for the more traditional subtests on the exam. You’ll get plenty of help and information regarding vocabulary, arithmetic, spelling, and the natural sciences.

Then you can use Mometrix Flashcards to strengthen your verbal skills. A great way to use them is to alternate between two different types of quizzes. First, look at the word and try to determine the definition. When you’ve gone through them all, flip them over to look at the definition and try to determine both what the word is and how it is spelled.

Even the nonverbal section can be improved by studying. Though you can’t study for it in the same way you study for other sections, you can use practice questions to sort of train your brain to think and interpret the same kind of visual information you’ll see on the test.

PSB RN Study Guide

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