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Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Procedures

NCLEX Review: Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Procedures There are numerous tests that may be used to evaluate the GI system. In this NCLEX review video, we will take a look at lab tests, imaging tests, and endoscopic procedures. We will explore the purpose of the tests, the preparation required, the nurse’s responsibility to the patient, and the … Read more

ACT Test

ACT® Test Welcome to Mometrix Academy’s ACT test review page. We’ve created this resource so that you’ll be able to find all the information you need about the exam in one place, without having to skip from one website to another. We’ve also provided links to our extensive library of free ACT review videos and … Read more


OSAT Journalism (037) Practice Test In the state of Oklahoma subject area tests (OSAT) are required for teaching certification. The content of the OSAT for Journalism is constructed from the Oklahoma Full Subject-Matter Competencies and national standards.   OSAT Test OSAT Study Guide OSAT Flashcards The subject area tests are able to assess a candidate’s … Read more

Spanish: World Language (5195)

Praxis Spanish: World Language (5195) Practice Test In most states across the United States, you will need pass the Praxis Spanish: World Language Exam before you can become certified to teach Spanish. This is true even if you are already a credentialed teacher in other subjects (or in the general, core subjects). The test measures … Read more