North Carolina General Curriculum Test

The North Carolina General Curriculum Test covers all K-12 educational curriculum standards established by the state of North Carolina. This test is a requirement for all candidates seeking to become licensed educators in the state.

When Will I Be Able to Register for the North Carolina General Curriculum Test?

The test is offered continuously with appointments available Monday through Saturday. For added convenience, it’s available at many testing centers, so you will be able to choose the date, time, and location that best fits in with your schedule and needs.

However, appointments are given on a first come, first serve basis so if you want to ensure you get the exact date, time and location that you want, make sure to register as far in advance as possible.

The exam fee will depend on whether you are making an appointment to take both sections of the exam at the same time or separate appointments for each section. If you schedule separately, you will pay $94 per section (or $188 total). If you choose to take both sections at the same time, you will pay $139 total.

What Do I Need to Know on Test Day?

The test is computer based and all materials required will be provided for you. So do not bring any personal items with you. If you do bring any items with you, you will have to place them in a storage locker before entering the exam room, so it’s recommended to leave valuables at home.

The test is divided into two sections. You will have two and a half hours for the math section and two hours for the multi-subject section. If you choose to take both section in a single session, you will have four hours to complete both, meaning you will lose half an hour on the math test.

If you would rather get it all done at once, choose the single appointment option. But if you feel need as much time as possible for the math, make two separate appointments for each section. Either way, make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment, with your valid, government-issued ID, in order to check in before the exam.

Which Subjects Are Included on the General Curriculum Test?

The multi-subject section includes 55 multiple choice questions and one open-response assignment. The questions will be divided into the following fields of expertise:

  • Language Arts – 30% of questions
  • History and Social Science – 30% of the exam
  • Science and Technology, Engineering – 30% of the test

The math section includes 45 multiple-choice questions and one open-response assignment. The questions on this section will be divided as follows:

  • Numbers and Operations – 41%
  • Functions and Algebra – 22% of the exam
  • Geometry and Measurement – 18% of questions
  • Statistics and Probability – 9% of the test

The open response assignments for both sections will assess your ability to integrate your knowledge and understanding of each of the fields of expertise covered in the multiple-choice portion of the section. Each assignment counts for 10% of the section’s total score.

What Score Do I Need to Pass the Exam?

Whereas many credentialing exams simply require you to achieve a certain overall passing score, for this test you need to receive a separate passing score on each section of the exam in order to qualify for a teaching license in the state.

If you pass one section but not the other, you won’t be able to get your license. The minimum score needed is 227 for each section. Fortunately, if you fail just one section, you can schedule an appointment to take only that section over again. You won’t have to retake the section you passed.

What Is the Best Way to Prepare for the North Carolina Curriculum Test?

Since this is a general test covering a wide range of subjects, you will definitely want to study for it and pay particular attention to your weakest subjects. In order to make sure you do your best on each section, you should take advantage of study aids.

For example, the Mometrix Study Guide is a great tool for reviewing all the most important concepts as defined by the standardized curriculum in North Carolina. Moreover, the guide comes with very useful strategies for dealing with questions that you might not be able to figure out.

By using both the informative explanations of the content and the test-taking strategies in this guide, you are sure to perform your very best on both sections of the exam. For additional help, look to the Mometrix Flashcards. These cards are a convenient way to study on the go, and they also make it possible to turn study sessions into more exciting educational games.

North Carolina General Curriculum Test Study Guide

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North Carolina General Curriculum Test Study Guide
North Carolina General Curriculum Test Flashcards


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