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Welcome to the GMAT study guide page. The links below will take you through our online GMAT test review. Watch our GMAT study guide tutorials and brush up on any concepts you don’t remember from your high school classes. Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of your studying for the GMAT test. If you need more help or additional practice questions consider upgrading with our GMAT book and flashcards.

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GMAT Study Guide Customer Success Stories

Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our GMAT test study guide. The GMAT Secrets Study Guide reviews below are examples of customer experiences.

This book is comprehensive, with concepts and practice questions it covers entire exam. Few preparation guide I read where overloaded with information, but I find this simple and to the point with practice problems. Normally I have practice of making short notes of which I study so that it makes easier to review and I find this book works more as notes and easy come back refer. I also went through the office GMAT test preparation study guide, the difference I find was some of critical tips and problems where added to the study. Most of the books has practice problems and techniques but the different I find in this book is the strategy and alignment is well taught. To summarize when look at this size the book I relived a little, as most other books where bulky and yet it covers topics, tips & strategy I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for extra material to study for the GMAT. I received this book for discounted price for my honest review and feedback.

GMAT Study Guide – Kansha

I got this book to prepare for application for my Masters - so far GMAT is the most complicated and scary part of the process. Overall impression of this book is that it is a good quality guide with a lot of substance and sense. I feel like it has a lot of value, I will explain why:

+ It outlines the GMAT as whole, explains how everything works and what one is to expect, and what kind of preparation is needed, in general.

+ It is written in a clear and professional language, yet it is very easy to relate to and understand.

+ It includes guidelines to the analytical writing assessment, and it is in-depth.

+ It comprehensively explains the reasoning test and gives examples.

+ It includes guidelines to the the quantitative test as well as the verbal test

+ I appreciated the in-depth explanation of different issues and subjects.

The practice questions are very helpful to really check your understanding and see if you can move forward, or need to go back and review material. All the correct answers are explained, so I can check the logic and reasoning I have used while answering the questions and see if I understand the whole approach and logic behind it correctly.

Conclusion: though it might not be the only guide/study book I will use to prepare myself for the GMAT test (I just started) - this one is definitely helpful, and I am sure I will come back to it over and over again. Overall, an honest guide, and I am very glad that I gave it a try.

GMAT Study Guide – T. Hoover

This is a nice practice guide for anyone planning on taking the GMAT. IT covers basics about the test, tips, and practice problems. I have never taken the GMAT before so I don't know how well this book will prepare me until after the test, but it is definitely a good review material for the test. It has a good amount of practice questions which I think is the most important part when preparing for a test like this. Overall a nice book and I recommend it to anyone planning on taking the GMAT in the near future.

GMAT Study Guide – alphabeta

This prep book for the GMAT was really informative in terms of the material that they went over. It included what you are to expect when you take the exam as well as the different material that will be covered on the day of the exam as well. It is actually my first time studying for the GMAT and I have to say that a majority of the questions seemed very simple to solve. Perhaps the test is made like this so that they can test if people will know the simple things such as finding the amount of students in a room if a fraction of them left for medical reasons. However, even though there are a bunch of examples which should be present in all prep books, this book even contains different strategies and myths that are present in the GMAT exam. It is located in the back of the book so that must mean that it falls under a less important category when compared to what you actually need to know on the test. There is also a section where they inform of secrets that they want you to know and other success strategies so that you can excel on your exam. There are also in depth explanations of different questions that are in this book and the practice tests too. The practice questions really allowed me to check if I really did understand the material that was given and the explanations also helped me understand what I missed in the concept. Reading the material that was given was super easy as well. I felt like the prep book made it seem like the GMAT was not that hard at all. The easiness of the book to read also made me feel like I was competent in passing the test. The format of the book and how the material was presented was superb. Personally, I thought that the layout of the material that is present in this book was very well thought out and it contains all the information that should enable me to pass the GMAT with flying colors. However, only time will tell if I know my stuff and to see if the test will treat me well after studying with this prep book.

GMAT Study Guide – Eleqtriq

It's been a couple of years since I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree. When it was time to sign up for my Master’s Degree, low and behold I was .25 GPA away from not having to take the GMAT at all. How sad. Anywho, I decided to figure out what all this GMAT stuff was, so I began looking up some practice quizzes online and I felt stuck. Looking at those questions, I decided I really needed to study so I can pass this exam without having to worry. I have already purchased other study books for the GMAT. In my opinion, they are all about the same but with different questions. Some explain the methods better than others and some just give you an answer. I will start by adding that this book gives you a link to access bonus material on their website, which is pretty cool. It gives you access to flash cards and a study guide. That is not all. It gives you other graduate tips and secrets that you may or may not already know. I added a screen shot of what you will see when you go to the url, so you know what you are getting. The book itself has all types of goodies inside. I have also attached 2 pictures of the index. Here are just a few of the topics touched in this book: recursive writing, law of exponents, Pythagorean theorem, pronoun reference, collective nouns, interjections, critical reasoning, integrated reasoning, etc. (not in that order). It not only gives you the answers to the problems, but it also gives explanations. I love this because sometimes I feel like I get what they are asking but don’t quite know the exact steps to get there. It is also great because there are times when you will need to take multiple steps to get an answer for a problem. If you mess up on just one step, you get the whole answer wrong. This helps you backtrack so you can see exactly which step you messed up on or skipped. It also gives you information for how to approach your writing assignment. Another HUGE plus is it gives you links and a code to actually watch review videos of material in this book. This is great for people who are observational learners like me!! This goes throughout the entire book, not just one section! On top of everything else, they give you access to a FREE study skills DVD (you must email the answers to only 4 questions – basically they want your info to send the dvd to, the name of the product you purchased, the product rating on scale of 1-5 and a review of the product at any length). They also write on the back of the book: GUARANTEED TO IMPROVE YOUR SCORE. The book so far seems to be very helpful. It’s not the biggest book in the world, but like I mentioned before, they do give you access to online materials including flash cards, a study guide, and other practice tests.

GMAT Study Guide – Vanessa

This book is bounded/printed very well, the pages have a nice weight to them and I have no concerns about it falling apart or not holding up to long study sessions. The publisher includes an offer to receive a free DVD with additional material as well as online resources that compliment the material in the book. It is written not just to provide you a means to study the information but also includes many practice exams and problems so that you can check your progress and find out where you are struggling before you end up finding out the hard way in the middle of your GMAT! If you are getting ready to sit or a GMAT this product is a reasonably priced tool to help you prepare. Weather you are looking for additional study material or a collection of challenges and tests to see how ready you are, you can't go wrong with this one!

GMAT Study Guide – J. W.

So far, I'm really impressed with how simple this book is to read and how it is clear and to the point. It is perfect for reviewing things already learned and should not take too long to finish reading! The best part was this it its so affordable! Keep up the good work!

GMAT Study Guide – Customer

Are you ready for the Graduate Management Admission Test? If you are not, I highly recommend this Mometrix test preparation and study guide. It is well written and formatted. Taking each subject at a time, and does jump around to other topics. This lay out makes it easier for everyone studying for the exam to full comprehend and capture all concepts that will be in the exam. I love how the book has section off twenty tips for all test takers. The tips are simple and clear. Another great asset of the book is, that it provides web addresses to type in to your web browser and obtain more information on the subjects. The book covers these topics: Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal. Each section is designed to explain the information being presented with extreme ease. It is easy to follow and is explained thoroughly. After the reading all the topics , you come to a practice test. Each topic has a test assigned to it. Once you have finished the test for each section you will come to the explanation section, that shows correct answers and explains why it is the correct answer. It is a great and vital tool for those who are studying for the exam.

GMAT Study Guide – Jorge

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