Many school districts in the US require 8th and 9th graders to take the EXPLORE exam. They use the test for measuring a student’s readiness for high school level classes, and to determine if a student is on track to be ready for college level work in a few years. There are four subjects on the exam, and each section lasts 30 minutes. English contains 40 questions, Math and Reading each have 30, and there are 28 questions on Science. All questions are multiple choice.

Officially, EXPLORE test scores aren’t used for grouping students into certain categories, but this can often be the result. In many cases, students who do well on the exam are encouraged to take more challenging high school classes, the kind that colleges and universities look favorably upon. Those with lower scores are steered toward easier courses, which will lower their chances of getting into a good college program. Students who hope to attend college someday will need to achieve high scores on this challenging test. Here at Mometrix Academy you’ll find lots of videos that can help you get a high score on the EXPLORE exam.

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