ASP Safety Fundamentals Training, Education, and Communication Review

There’s more to the average duties of an Associate Safety Professional than simply molding the workplace environment into something safer. You will also have to instruct on how to be and stay safe throughout the work day. To put it into metaphor, you can give someone a helmet and all of the padding they could possibly need before they get on their bike, but if they never learned how to ride it properly, they’ll still fall. It will be your job to reduce the amount of “falls” among the staff of any work environment you’re hired to proof by teaching them the proper safety protocol for their place of work. Doing so will give them the ability to “ride” safely. Meanwhile, the padding you’ve given them will be there to reinforce their protection and keep them even safer during their journey.

This is why Training, Education, and Communication is a major feature on the ASP exam. While the ASP Training, Education, and Communication exam takes up only 9 percent of the exam’s contents, it is no less important to your future career as an Associate Safety Professional than anything else you’ve learned throughout your training. This exam will gauge your understanding of such important topics as Communication and Group Dynamics, and Training and Education Methods.

Because of this, the Mometrix Test Preparation team wants to give you the tools you’ll need to ace this important exam. On this page you’ll be able to access our ASP Training, Education, and Communication practice test, as well as our ASP Training, Education, and Communication study guide. Both of these tools are meant to help you gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of the full-fledged exam. Our practice test is ideal for gaining a hands-on glimpse of the exam’s content, while our study guide is best suited for learning where to go next with your study plan. We hope you will choose to use these tools to help you as you prepare for test day. Good luck!


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