ASP Safety Fundamentals Occupational Health Review

Occupational health is a term more commonly heard in the nursing industry. However, this term (and treatment practice) also has a solid place in the world of Associate Safety Professionalism. In your case, your application of occupational health will be geared more toward preventing hazards before they occur, rather than assuaging problems as they develop. Because of this, you’ve likely devoted time to learning a vastly different skillset than what is needed by those in the medical field. You will now have to prove you’ve gained mastery over the subject by taking and passing the ASP Occupational Health exam.

So, how does this Occupational Health exam work? For starters, it is one part of a much larger exam—your ASP certification exam. The latter will serve as your final step toward earning the credentials you need to work officially as an associate safety professional. The Occupational Health exam is just one of seven parts, and takes up 11 percent of the test’s full content. Furthermore, the exam’s questions will all pertain to specific topics relevant to the subject. These topics will include Physical Hazards and Controls; Chemical Hazards and Controls; and Biological Hazards and Controls.

You may already be in the process of crafting your study plan to prepare for this important exam. If so, we’d like to offer you two additional tools to help you. The first is our ASP Occupational Health practice test. We have devoted countless hours into poring over the full ASP exam, all to ensure our practice test is as accurate to the real thing as possible. We recommend it to anyone looking to familiarize themselves with the exam’s contents and learn how to approach it at a hands-on level.

Our second tool is our ASP Occupational Health study guide. If you aren’t sure what direction to go in for your study plan, our study guide can lead you down the right path. Both of these tools are available to you to use so you can earn the best possible score on this important exam. We hope they will serve you well as you study. Good luck!


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