ASP Safety Fundamentals Ergonomics Review

“Ergonomics” has become something of a buzzword in the workplace as of recent years, especially as offices and other environments become more concerned with the well being of their employees. As an aspiring Associate Safety Professional, you know just how important ergonomics actually is to the workplace. Ergonomics in itself is far more than work-life balance jargon. It is recognized, officially, as the effort to render the workplace as comfortable for its workers as possible. It combines safety with ease of use, creating a happier environment for everyone within it.

As such, it may serve as no surprise that Ergonomics features significantly on the ASP exam. The ASP Ergonomics exam is one of the smaller sections of the full ASP test, reining in at 13 percent, but that doesn’t negate its importance. Ergonomics is key to learning how to better craft a safer, more “user friendly” workplace. In terms of contents, each of the questions featured on the Ergonomics exam falls under one of three knowledge categories: Controls, Measurement and Monitoring, and Human Factors.

To score well on this exam, you’ll need both a thorough study plan and the tools to match. Let Mometrix Test Preparation help you with the latter through our ASP Ergonomics practice test. Our practice test is the best way to get to know the real exam on a closer level. This is due to our extensive research and observations of the full test, from its structure to its content to the nuances of each of its questions. By learning how the exam will work before test day arrives, you will be better prepared for anything the real thing will throw at you. Furthermore, you can also use our practice test to refine your study approach based on your performance.

For further help, we encourage you to turn to our ASP study guide, also featured on this page. We hope these tools will come to play a part in your study plan and guide you toward success. Good luck!


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