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Some wine aficionados prize the flavor of oak, usually imparted to the beverage through aging in wooden barrels. An alternative process, aging in metal casks with macerated wood chips, provides a stronger wood flavor in less time and therefore is less expensive. To test consumer preferences for wines processed in this manner, a survey of 618 people living in several East Coast cities was conducted early last year. Participants took a blind taste test of three samples of Oregon Pinot Noir. One sample was aged using macerated wood chips, one sample was aged under oak, and a third sample, the control, was aged in a metal tank. A questionnaire then asked subjects to rate the wines and then asked a variety of other questions aimed at categorizing their consumption habits.

Although a variety of factors influenced wine preference, the test exposed a pattern concerning a preference for strongly wood-flavored wines. A large proportion of those persons interviewed (45%) did not care for the tannic wines. However, a sizable minority of 25% especially liked them very much, and preferred the tannic wines to the other samples. Younger consumers particularly fell into this category. Connoisseurs reported greater appreciation for wines aged “under oak,” or in normal oak barrels.

Many high quality wines are aged under oak today. Nonetheless, this process is time consuming; as a result, it makes wines more expensive. This survey demonstrated that price is very important in the buying decision, especially for people without extensive knowledge regarding wine. Many consumers are more concerned with price differences than with subtle differences in flavor. This trend defines a market segment that might be well-served by wines aged with wood chips.

According to the passage, what percentage of respondents did not like oak-flavored wines?

a. 75%

b. 55%

c. 45%

d. 25%

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C: The second paragraph states that 45% of those persons interviewed rejected tannic wines. Tannic wines are those flavored by tannins, components of oak bark. The meaning of the term can be inferred from the phrasing of the second paragraph, in which the 25% who strongly favored the wood-flavored wines are contrasted to those who categorically disliked the tannic wines.

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