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Welcome to the SAT Test study guide page. The links below will take you through our online SAT Test test review. Watch our SAT Test study guide tutorials and brush up on any concepts you don’t remember from your college classes. Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of your studying for nursing school. If you need more help or additional practice questions consider upgrading with our SAT book and flashcards.

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How do you pass the SAT?

The best way to prepare and pass the SAT is by using study guides as well as taking practice tests. A practice test will be the best way to determine which areas you need more work in as well as which areas you are proficient in.

Is the SAT a hard test?

The SAT is a challenging test, but the difficulty of the exam depends on how well you study for the exam as well as how well you take exams. The best way to make sure that you are completely prepared for the SAT is to study a study guide and take practice tests.

What is a good score on the SAT essay?

The SAT essay is scored on three different dimensions which include reading, analysis, and writing. You will receive a score ranging from 1 to 4 on each dimension. You will also receive a score from two different test scorers. If you score between 5 and 6 on the SAT Essay Reading and Writing section, you have an average, or a “good” score.

How many questions are on the SAT?

The SAT contains 154 questions spread out over the test’s three dimensions. The Reading section contains 52 questions, the Writing and Language section contains 44 questions, and the Math section contains 58 questions.

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Is the SAT test multiple choice?

There are multiple-choice questions on the SAT exam, but there are other question types as well.

What is a good score on the SAT?

The SAT is scored on a point scale ranging from 400 to 1600, with 1600 being the best score possible. The average score for the SAT is 1060. However, a “good” score on the exam depends on which school you are wishing to attend.

Is it better to guess on the SAT?

On the SAT you’re no longer penalized for having a wrong answer. In fact, if you don’t know the answer, guessing can actually increase your odds of getting the correct answer.

Is a 1200 on the SAT a good score?

A “good” score on the SAT depends on which school you want to attend. For example, one college might require a score that is higher than 1400 while another may require a score closer to 1200 to be accepted.

What math topics are on the SAT?

There are three topic areas that are covered on the SAT math section: Heart of Algebra, Problem-Solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math.

What is a perfect score on the SAT?

The highest score that you can receive on the SAT is 1600 points. This means that you will need to receive score of 800 on both the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section as well as the Math section.

Is there any trigonometry on the new SAT?

Trigonometry is on the new SAT. However, trigonometry is usually taught around 11th grade, so if you take the SAT before then, this will be an optional part of the test.

What does your SAT score have to be to get into Harvard?

To be accepted into Harvard, you should have a SAT score of 1470 or higher. Although a 1470 is a low score, you should aim for a score closer to 1600.

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Can the SAT essay hurt your score?

Your score for the SAT essay will not hurt your composite score. You will receive individual scores for the two main sections of the SAT and a separate score for the SAT essay.

Is a score of 1300 good on the SAT?

A 1300 is a good score on the SAT. The national average score for the exam is 1060. If you score above 1060, this will put you above the national average.

What is the most common answer on a multiple choice test?

The answer choice “c” is widely thought to be the best answer to choose when guessing on a multiple choice question.

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SAT Study Guide Customer Success Stories

Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our SAT test study guide. The SAT study guide reviews below are examples of customer experiences.

We really enjoyed the product and found it very beneficial to our students.First off, we teach students whose first language is not English. The majority of our student body plan on going to university and we have had several who not only have to take the TOEFL but also the SAT. For many, this kind of test is not new, but taking it in English with an English organization style can be quite challenging. This book had great key points that we were able to explain in depth to students that they would not normally get in a standard SAT prep class. The answer and explanation section was thorough and easy to comprehend.

SAT Study Guide – Customer

Purchased this for my son to use in an SAT prep course. It is very thorough and contains links to lots of helpful videos. The best part is that is has lots of tips and tricks for taking the exam. The tips/tricks keep my son's interest and makes him want to read along further in the study guide.

SAT Study Guide – Dale

I tutor SAT test. I bought this book for helping my students ace new SAT. I’m very impressed by the thorough review on new SAT and practice exercises with detailed explanations. Especially, I love the short and easy to understand videos, which emphasis on the key concepts and test-taking strategies. The videos really help my students learn better. I’m using the book helping my students prepare new SAT, and very happy I found it. Highly recommend the book to whoever needs to prepare for SAT.

SAT Study Guide – Robert

This is a very informative and extremely helpful book for studying and preparing for the new sat. I really like the tips given in this book at the beginning and even at the end of this book. It's almost as if this book is a teacher without a voice! I'm looking forward to finish this book and do well on the sat.

SAT Study Guide – Lily

This book is beautifully structured. It has all the parts that anyone could need to succeed, along with video references available (and an easy-to-access website. all are inside) for audio-learners like me. There are big sections to cover the big stuff, but also many subsections that really break down the material. Not only is the content very inclusive of everything, the sentences that state each piece of information is so well structured that I actually want to take sentences and put them in my essays. You think I'm kidding, but this book is how I learned to use the word albeit. The practice test really goes into specifics in what the new SAT will show you. Although I am taking the "old" SAT, this book is still really helpful practice-question-wise. I really enjoyed looking through this can I can't wait to finish it! The organization is very well-planned, since it flows logically and has a good pace to it also. It goes into enough detail about everything and doesn't seem superfluous at all.All in all, albeit not Collegeboard, this book is very great for SAT takers such as I.

SAT Study Guide – Kel

Awesome SAT prep book! It's oversized and complete! Every section is covered including samples and links to videos (with access) as well as a general review of what is on the SAT. My son just took the PSAT's and this is perfect timing for him to go over this book and get any helpful information which he may not have known or understood on his PSAT test. I really like that "basic" language that the book uses, it's easy for him to follow and understand. There are so many tips included which are things I would normally explain to him but that he wouldn't listen to from his "mom". I expect that this book will give him the edge he needs for the SAT's next year!

SAT Study Guide – Customer

This SAT book was very well organized. I like that this book is more condensed and includes all of the most important aspects that will be included in the SAT. My book that I studied from was very huge, but this one is much more nicer and less scary. SAT tends to be very scary exam, so studying for it can be overwhelming if the book is huge, this will made my sisters life a lot easier.

SAT Study Guide – Customer

This is a nice study prep book to use when studying for the SAT. I do think that it included everything that you need to know when studying for the exam. The practice questions were great and help you to get some practice in on questions that are very similar to ones that will be on the exam. I like that the answers themselves included explanations, so you understand why the answer was right or wrong. The topics seemed well organized as well in this prep book, and the formatting and subject knowledge are great as well. The writing is at the level of someone who will be preparing for the SAT, and won't have any wording that is too hard or too easy for studiers. All in all, a nice prep book to get you ready to take the SAT.

SAT Study Guide – Nadya

When I first opened this book, I realized how detailed the work put into it was. I have spent a couple of hours now reading and studying through it, and it is extremely helpful! I love the way the author conveys information, it is very simple to understand, even if it is a complex topic. Throughout the book, when a type of problem is stated, there are practice problems to help you progress. These have helped me locate my strengths and weaknesses in SAT problems. In my opinion, the book covers pretty much all of the problems and categories that could be covered on the SAT, including some of the sub-categories. I love this, because it is very comprehensive! Sometimes, an explanation would be difficult for me to understand, but nine times out of ten, the practice problems were able to help me regain my focus, and understand what the author was trying to teach. In a few short hours, covering only about a sixth of the book, I already feel as though I have a very firm grasp on what is going to be covered on the SAT, and how to pass it. The book was extremely well organized. I flowed from category to category, as they worked together in an assembly line kind of way, progressing me along as they expanded my knowledge. The book is very well targeted for its audience, that being late high school students. I think that any audience past the ninth grade would be easily able to grasp the vernacular in this passage. This really helps my overall understanding. I am also able to grasp concepts more quickly because of the time put into the book to make sure it fits its prime reading audience. The book also was extremely well formatted. Overall, I give this book FIVE STARS. I would give it six if I could. It has helped me increase my overall understanding of the SAT by leaps and bounds. I love this so much! Thank you Mometrix Test Preperation team for the time you put into this to help me grasp the SAT.

SAT Study Guide – Alex

Great SAT study guide! Easy to read and has test to help prepare. Everything is spelled out in a clear, concise fashion which makes studying easier. The book covers these topics: Evidence-Based Reading,Mathematics, Writing and Language. Each section has link to the website and giving you the code to unlock it, which is great and the videos are great, easy to understand, and very helpful for learning!! This is really an all in one book and is all they need to get ready. The book gives you useful advice on test preparation, time management and ways to do your best on the test. Overall, this is a fantastic resource that will help you get prepared in the most efficient manner. I highly recommended this SAT study guide.

SAT Study Guide – Daniel

The book clearly covers all the different sections of the revised exam. It makes it easier for test takers to only study what they need to know and this helps to maximize their score on the SAT. The practice questions are very similar to the ones on the SAT if not a little harder, they offer full detailed explanation that show just what you did wrong. The book is organized in an easy to follow manner, and there were no evident formatting errors. This helped raise SAT score by about a couple hundred point which is huge. I received this product in return for an honest and unbiased review, however, after trying out various other books I believe that this is one of the better books on the market in regards to practice books for the New SAT.

SAT Study Guide – Harvir

The instructions are clearly written. The examples show step by step how to solve math problems. There is more than just practice problems throughout the book. That to me is important when trying to explain things. Sometimes children need explanations and not just practice problems. The book seems to cover many different aspects of the test, or what the test is about. I know the problems on the test will be different but, they can get a feel of it. It helps them to be comfortable with the material and not to stress out over the test.

SAT Study Guide – Letha

I got this book for my over-achieving 9th grader who wanted to go ahead and start preparing for the SAT exam. She dove right into it as soon as it arrived and I have not heard a peep from her since! It was hard to pry away from her, but I managed to allow her to let me take a look and I must say, this book is quite impressive! It provides tips on everything from what to bring with you to the exam to types of questions, specific sections and subjects, examples and test-taking tips. Overall this is an EXCELLENT resource for SAT preparation!!!

SAT Study Guide – Wendy

This study guide is very serious and comprehensive. It goes in depth into test taking strategies and tips. The book is very detailed and inclusive of the information you need to know in order to do well on the SAT test. It offers a great review of the subjects learned in order to prepare you for the test. The practice questions are cover the topics in the exam and the answer explanations really help to understand what you miss on the questions. Very well put together book. If you are taking the SAT test, definitely get this book to help you review.

SAT Study Guide – Nancy

This is an awesome book for SAT preparation. My sister uses it on a daily basis to prepare for her SATs in March. It has very comprehensive explanations and gets down to the point. There are video links that can be used to enhance preparation. Each link has its own code. There are a lot of practice questions in this book- great practice! I hope she gets a high score with this one.

SAT Study Guide – Kaci


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