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HESI A2 Chemistry Review

The HESI A2 Chemistry exam may be coming up in your very near future if you’re thinking of applying for admission to a school of nursing. Many nursing programs have a requirement that all applicants take an admissions test known as the HESI A2 exam. The HESI A2 has seven main components, and schools can pick and choose which of the seven they want applicants to take. Many schools do not require applicants to take the Chemistry component, but many do. If you’re not sure if the school you’re applying to requires it, you’ll want to check with them to make sure.

The test contains 30 multiple-choice questions about chemistry, although only 25 of those questions count toward your score. The other five are experimental, but since you won’t know which are which, just answer all questions the best you can, and assume they count. In most cases you’ll have a time limit of 25 minutes to complete the HESI Chemistry test, but schools can set their own limits, so you should verify the actual allotted time with your school before taking the exam.

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What’s on the HESI A2 Chemistry Test?

While nurses don’t need to have the chemistry knowledge and skills of a doctor, it’s important that they have a good understanding of the basic principles of this branch of science. That’s because chemical processes are one of the main foundations of both health and medicine. A nurse should have a grasp of many of the chemical processes that occur in the body to support good health, how health deteriorates when some of these processes break down, and how medicines can work by either restoring the process or introducing a new one to help heal the body.

In order to do well on the HESI, then, you won’t need to have the same skills and aptitudes that you would have to possess if you had a college degree in chemistry. However, you will certainly need to have the level of chemistry knowledge that the average high school graduating senior is expected to have. You’ll need to know what matter is, and what it’s made up of, and that atoms are the basic building blocks of everything in the universe. How atoms themselves are structured is also very important, as is the chemical bonding process. You should also have a good understanding of the various states of water and other substances, and be quite familiar with the periodic table of elements. Of course, basic chemical reactions and equations will also be important to know. To get a general idea about the questions you may face, we offer HESI A2 Chemistry practice questions to help you gauge which areas you may need to study more.

For many people, Chemistry is the most difficult part of the HESI A2. That’s certainly understandable, as a lot of people struggle to make good grades in high school chemistry classes. For most of us, the subject just isn’t as easy to learn as math, history, or other classes. That’s why Mometrix Academy is providing free HESI Chemistry videos to help you review. You’ll find links to them at the top of this page. They can help you as you prepare for the HESI Chemistry. Take advantage of them to help make sure you get the best Chemistry score you’re capable of, and boost your chances of going to nursing school.

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