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Study guide cover for the HESI A2 2024-2025 exam. Mometrix’s comprehensive study guide prepares you for every aspect of the HESI exam. Whether you are taking one or all the sections, the lessons, videos, practice tests, and question reviews have you covered.

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Study guide cover for the HESI A2 2024-2025 exam.

“I got a 98% on my HESI!”

– Marissa

“Helped me pass my HESI A2 exam on the first try after studying for just one week.”

– Rosa

“Passed the HESI using only this. Studied hard for 2 weeks and passed with a 90 overall score!!”

– Sarah

“This book was the only one I used. Practice questions were spot on.”

– Jessica

“This has got to be one best straightforward study guides there is so far.”

– Lazarus

“Literally studied for a total of 5/6 days before the exam, and I swear, this book saved me.”

– Chenoa

“This was my primary source for studying for the HESI exam, it helped me score a 95!”

– Ali

1,017 HESI A2 Practice Questions to Simulate the Testing Experience.

Applying what you have learned is the best way to ensure you understand a concept. By giving many opportunities for practice, this guide helps you determine your weaknesses and how to fix them.

It has 1,017 practice questions dispersed between end-of-chapter quizzes and practice tests. The end-of-chapter quizzes ensure that you understood the information covered in the lesson, and the practice questions provide a valuable simulation of the test itself.

The Comprehensive Guide to Every HESI Section.

Girl reading map.

Are you worried you will have to pay for many different HESI study guides to get what you need?

Forget switching from book to book to find all the necessary study material. We’ve taken the time to design a comprehensive study guide containing all the knowledge and practice required to reach your goal.

It’s the complete guide to every HESI section with lessons on vocabulary and general knowledge, reading comprehension, grammar, basic math skills, biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and physics.

Girl reading map.

Prepare for the Hardest Questions.

Would you rather walk into the exam room prepared for every question or only the simple ones?

The information in this guide is rigorous, and the practice questions are more challenging than the test itself. Mometrix’s team of experts takes painstaking measures to ensure that you are adequately prepared for every question on the exam. We have consolidated all the essential formulas, rules, and tips into one book.

Reading the detailed lessons, taking the quizzes, and simulating the test will make you confident in everything you need to understand.

175 HESI Video Tutorials to Complement Your Reading.

If you learn best by watching instead of reading, use the step-by-step video tutorials!

These videos walk you through graphing, explain scientific concepts, and teach you about the essential aspects of grammar. You will watch the lines graphed on the screen, see the parts of a sentence highlighted, and follow along as we label the body’s organs.

Instead of losing your place in the sea of print, you can listen, take notes, and enjoy the tutorials.

Cut Time But Not Quality.

Are you overwhelmed by all the studying you have to do in such a short period of time?

Beginning to study a week before the exam isn’t ideal, but we have made it possible to achieve your goal in less time than that! This study guide is packed with concise, detailed lessons that equip you with the formulas, rules, and concepts you need to understand.

We cut out all the extra information you don’t need and focus on explaining the details you do need.

Go Beyond This HESI A2 Study Guide.

Bonus #1: Understand Each Problem With Our Answer Explanations.

Are you having trouble visualizing the process of solving a math equation?

Watch a math expert work the problem out in detail! This product has embedded codes that allow you to access Mometrix Academy’s step-by-step video tutorials. Filled with graphs, pictures, and live examples, these tutorials make learning easy!

Bonus #2: Study the Right Way.

Studying can be the most challenging aspect of taking an exam. You spend countless hours cramming information into your memory, scouring sources to find the correct information, and sacrificing time and energy. Unfortunately, all that time devoted to preparing yourself could go to waste. If you don’t know what or how to study, you could walk away from the exam with nothing to show for your hard work.

This comprehensive guide has a section that teaches you how to study. These detailed lesson plans are efficient and easy to follow. Just read the lessons, watch the videos, take the practice tests, and you will be prepared to take the exam and get the score you need.

Bonus #3: Overcome Test Anxiety.

Are you stressed at the very thought of taking a test?

What about all the math equations you have to solve while the clock is ticking?

This study guide has a special section just for you. It will teach you how to cope with the nerves that come with test-taking. You can read all about things you can do to help clear your mind, remember formulas, and ace the exam with confidence.

One year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Don’t decide now if this product fits your needs; determine after you have tried it out! If you are skeptical about purchasing the study guide, use it for free! You can buy the study guide with NO risk, try it out, and return it to us without hassle or loopholes!

If you don’t like this product for any reason, we will take it back and refund you with no questions asked. That is how much confidence we have that you will love this study guide. With nothing to lose, buy the guide and start studying!

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