How Long is the LSAT

How Long is the LSAT?

If you’re preparing to take the LSAT exam, you’re probably wondering how long the actual exam. You’re also probably wondering if you get any breaks during the test.

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How Many Sections are on the LSAT?

The LSAT exam consists of five sections that are multiple-choice and one optional writing section.

Logical Reasoning (Arguments)

The Logical Reasoning section is broken down into two smaller sections. There are 24 to 26 multiple-choice questions in each smaller section that are both timed for 35 minutes. These sections test your ability to determine the main points of arguments, apply logic to abstract concepts, find relevant information within and how, and analyze and evaluate arguments.

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Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)

LSAT Study Guide
LSAT Study Guide

In the Analytical Reasoning section, there are four logic games that each consist of 4 to 7 multiple-choice questions. This section is timed for 35 minutes. You will be tested on your ability to understand the effects of rules on decisions and outcomes, determine relationships between concepts, analyze situations and draw conclusions based on set guidelines, and apply logic to ambiguous or complex situations.

LSAT Analytical Reasoning Review | LSAT Analytical Reasoning Practice Test

Reading Comprehension

This section consists of 27 multiple-choice questions that are to be completed in 35 minutes. You will be given four passages. Three of those passages are written by one author while the remaining passage is from two different sources that discuss the same topic. The Reading Comprehension section tests your ability to draw inferences based on text, determine main ideas of passages, find relevant information with a text, and understand a dense, scholarly text.

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Experimental Section

This section of the LSAT is used by the test maker to test questions to be used on future exams. These questions can be in any section of the exam and you will not know which is an experimental question and which is a regular question. There are a total of 22 to 28 un-scored experimental questions throughout the LSAT exam.

Writing Sample

LSAT Flashcard Study System
LSAT Flashcard Study System

In the Writing Sample section, you’re given 35 minutes to compose a 2-page written response to a given prompt. This section shows law schools how well you can argue for a position as well as how well you’re able to form an argument based on given facts, support an argument and how well you use written English to express an idea. This section is not scored, but it does give law schools an idea as to how well you’re able to effectively argue your case for one side.

How Long is the LSAT?

How Long is the LSAT

The LSAT is broken down into six sections (two sections for the Logical Reasoning section). Each section is timed for 35 minutes. After the third section, you’ll receive a 15-minute break. After your break, you’ll do the final two 35-minute sections and then you’re done with the LSAT. The total time to take the LSAT (including the break) is roughly 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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