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The LSAT is a notoriously tough exam that requires quick thinking and close attention to detail. Even the brightest students stumble. Based on original research, our LSAT prep book provides exclusive tips and essential skills that give you an advantage.

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“The explanations are great! I also took a class and the format in the book is very similar.”

– Krisolin

“I highly recommend using this book due to the affordable pricing and how easier it is to read the material. ”

– Sofia

“Very useful, I especially like the practice tests available and the reviews of each question once you finish taking the test.”

– Alexandra

“This book gives a unique perspective for someone taking the LSAT for the first time, or for someone taking it again.”

– Mary

“This is definitely good advice and information that will help anyone mentally calm down and focus on the real objective – passing the LSAT!”

– James

“This study guide gives you very good examples exactly the how, the why, when, what to do and what not to do from studying, practice to test day. I love it.”

– Karla

“This is a solid study book. The book is well organized, separating test-taking and study skills from LSAT review material.”

– Jessi

Replicate the Test Experience at Home With 3 LSAT Practice Tests

Knowing what to expect is half the battle.

The LSAT has a very specific structure. Familiarizing yourself with that structure primes your brain to thrive. Hours of research ensure our exams are true to what you’ll experience on your test date. We also include in-depth answer explanations for each question, allowing you to fully comprehend why a given choice is right or wrong.

Our tests remain up-to-date with the latest changes to the LSAT structure. With Mometrix, there are no surprises.

Get Fluent in Law School Admission Test® Prose

In the world of law, words matter. The meaning of terms like “at least” or “perhaps” on the LSAT differ from normal usage. Tricky language can trip up even the most talented student. This is by design, test writers ensure answers that sound correct are often wrong. On test day, many students lose valuable time rereading questions and passages just trying to understand what is being said.

With Mometrix, you’ll learn to be a master LSAT wordsmith. Comprehensive reviews of each section help you comprehend the LSAT on a micro-level. Understanding the LSAT’s unique language helps you work more efficiently and know the thought process behind every question.

On test day, you won’t waste time overthinking specific words and phrases. Instead, you’ll power through questions with confidence and conquer any curve balls thrown your way.

Get Strategic About Guessing

Guessing on the LSAT is to your benefit. As there is no penalty for wrong answers, it’s best not to leave anything blank. However, random guessing is not the way to go. There’s a science behind how and when to guess to maximize your final Law School Admission Test score.

Our study guide provides up-to-date information about test design, including expert insight on the most frequent right answer choices per section. Our LSAT book helps you avoid common pitfalls and select the answers most likely to be correct.

Smart guessing is vital when taking the LSAT. The right strategy can put your score over the edge so you stand out to top-tier law schools.

Zero Risk: 1-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee

With Mometrix, you’ll never risk spending money on a product you won’t use. If you dislike our LSAT prep book for any reason at all you’re entitled to 100% of your money back. Seriously.

There are no loopholes, tricks, or duplicitous language here. Customer satisfaction is important to us. In the unlikely event you’re unhappy with your final product, get 100% of your money back with no questions asked.

Get More Than An LSAT Study Guide

Bonus #1: Conquer Your Test Anxiety

Studying for the LSAT feels like a full-time job. It’s easy to get bogged down with studying at the expense of your mental health. Your emotional state on test day can make or break your final score. We’d hate to see you prepare for months only to score lower than expected due to nerves.

Test anxiety is common, so know you are not alone. The good news is there are many methods to overcome it. Mometrix provides more than generic guidance. We include exclusive, research-backed insights and actionable steps that help you eliminate anxiety and achieve the score you deserve.

Bonus #2: Study Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to studying, quality trumps quantity every time. Don’t spin your wheels with ineffective methods that do little to help you prepare for the LSAT. Instead, study smart so you’ll learn more in less time.

Mometrix does more than teach you information. Our bonus section shows you how to use that information effectively with LSAT-specific study skills. You’ll learn you how to:

  • Evade clever-sounding traps set by test writers
  • Group answers to narrow down the pool of correct answers
  • Conduct a blind review of your LSAT practice tests
  • Pace yourself to allow adequate time for tougher questions

And more!

Raise your LSAT Score

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by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: April 10, 2024