LSAT Reading Comprehension Practice Test

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Nearly all American Bar Association-approved law schools require their applicants to take the LSAT. To help you prepare for the Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT, this page contains everything you need to know, including what topics are covered, how many questions there are, and how you can study effectively.

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What’s on the LSAT Reading Comprehension Section?

This section of the test is designed to measure your ability to read and understand passages similar to those you will come across during law school. This section consists of four sets of reading questions, each of them containing one reading passage and five to eight following questions.

However, one section will include two reading passages followed by questions. This is a comparative reading section. You will need to discern the relationship between the two.

The reading selections are pulled from a wide variety of sources and subjects. These will most likely be densely written with high-level vocabulary and consist of sophisticated arguments with multiple points of view.

The test questions may ask about the following ideas for each passage:

  • The main idea or primary purpose
  • Information that is explicitly stated
  • Information or ideas that can be inferred
  • The meaning or purpose of words or phrases as used in context
  • The organization or structure
  • The application of information in the selection to a new context
  • Principles that function in the selection
  • Analogies to claims or arguments in the selection
  • An author’s attitude as revealed in the tone of a passage or the language used
  • The impact of new information on claims or arguments in the selection



How many questions are on the LSAT Reading Comprehension test?


There are between 20 and 32 multiple-choice questions on this test.


How long is the LSAT Reading Comprehension test?


The time limit for this test is 35 minutes.


What is the passing score for the LSAT Reading Comprehension test?


There is no set passing score for this test.

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