What is a Preposition?

What is a Preposition?

                                                What is a Preposition?

A preposition is basically a word that can’t stand alone because it wouldn’t make sense by itself. Some examples of a preposition would be in, under or around. Notice these words can’t stand by themselves because they don’t make sense by themselves. There’s not enough information there. So that’s where the prepositional phrase comes into play.

A prepositional phrase might look like in the tree or around the corner so right here in would be a preposition and tree is what we call the object of the preposition. Because right here if we just have the preposition in we’re wondering in what? It’s in the tree or around the corner. Around is a preposition and corner is the object of the preposition. We don’t know what’s around. It’s around the corner. So prepositional phrases just come in sentences, oftentimes at the end of a sentence. So we could say the squirrel is in the tree. Here again, in is the preposition Tree is the object of a preposition and squirrel is the subject of the sentence. So if we just had the preposition this kind of leaves us hanging or wondering the squirrel is in what? So tree is the object of the preposition cause it tells us where or what the squirrel is in. So there’s lots of prepositions out there – way too many for me to name right now but I’m going to teach you a trick to help you remember prepositions. Alright, there’s a tree I drew. That’s about the best I can do but but think about a tree and a squirrel. Okay. Think about all the things a squirrel can do when near a tree and that’ll help you remember prepositions because a squirrel can be under a tree and under is a preposition. It can be in the tree or around a tree or upon a tree or behind a tree, beside a tree, next to a tree, beneath a tree, over a tree, toward a tree , past a tree or by a tree.

So all of those words I’ve listed by, past, toward – those are all prepositions and so by remembering a squirrel and its relationship to a tree – it may seem kind of silly but that can help you remember many of the prepositions.


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Last updated: 04/20/2018


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