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TSI Math Practice Test


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Why is the TSI required?

Texas students have dreams as large as their state. For Texas colleges and universities to offer a world-class education to a diverse population, schools must individualize study plans. Some students need remedial classes to polish their reading, writing, and math skills before they attempt college courses. Those with low TSI scores are not barred from college, but their degree completion may be delayed by a semester to master necessary skills. With improved TSI scores, these students can progress more quickly with their degree plans.

Where can I take the TSI?

All Texas colleges and universities make available a free practice TSI test to aspiring students. Only those who have taken the pretest may attempt the complete exam. The computer-generated practice test quickly tabulates test scores. Test administrators show students their scores and explain the impact of scores in each range on a student’s progress toward a college degree. Those with low scores for the pretest are advised to study TSI materials for reading, writing, and math before taking the complete examination.

How is the TSI administered?

All degree-granting institutions of higher learning in Texas offer the TSI to enrollees who take a practice test and pay a fee. There is no time limit for the TSI, but most test takers need three to four hours to complete the reading, writing, and mathematics sections of the exam. Because the TSI is computer-generated and graded, each student receives a unique set of questions. The program adjusts the questions to each test taker's skill level. TSI scores are available soon after a student completes an exam. Then enrollees learn which college courses are the best match for their performance.

How is the TSI organized?

The TSI is three tests in one. The Reading, Writing, and Mathematics sections each contain 20 to 24 multiple choice questions, generated by computer and adapted to each test taker’s skill level. The Writing section also assigns a short essay topic requirement following objective questions about grammatical correctness. There is no time limit on any portion of the TSI.

What is on the Mathematics section of the TSI?

There are four types of math problems on the TSI, arranged in increasing difficulty, each followed by four multiple choice responses:

  • Elementary algebraic expressions and functions
    • Both word and number problems require test takers to solve simple equations (3X – 8 = 25), recalling and applying formulas, such as RT (Rate times Time ) = D (Distance) or LW (Length times Width) = A (Area), and combining or simplifying algebraic expressions.
  • Intermediate algebra and functions
    • For these questions, test takers must know what a quadratic equation is, the steps involved in simplifying square roots, and how to use the quadratic formula to solve real-world problems. Other questions require an understanding of rational and exponential expressions, functions, and radicals.
  • Geometry and measurement
    • Test takers should review the axioms and postulates of plane geometric to prepare for questions involving missing measurements of circles, rectangles, and triangles. Questions also address measurements of solid and three-dimensional figures, as well as geometric modeling for computer applications.
  • Data analysis, statistics and probability
    • Test takers should anticipate questions on how to interpret information on tables and graphs while recalling statistics terminology (mean, median) and techniques to decipher data. Coin toss situations have a 50/50 chance of appearing in questions about probability.

How can Mometrix help me study for the TSI?

The best rehearsal for the TSI is practice in answering questions like those on the test. Mometrix study materials focus on the format and content of the TSI exam with no extraneous content or lengthy recaps of high school lessons.

The TSI Assessment Secrets Study Guide includes complete TSI-inspired exams for every section of the college placement test. The Guide decodes the language of TSI questions, helps test takers eliminate unlikely responses, and clearly explains which answers to the practice tests are correct and why. TSI Flashcards make test preparation materials instantly available, turning wait times and break times into study sessions. The Mometrix TSI Online Course includes lesson, video reviews, practice tests, and flashcards in a mobile-friendly format.

Is TSI preparation worth my time and effort?

If you are serious about attending college, then improving your study habits is not a waste of time. Preparing for the TSI provides a preview of the demands of college. Those who invest hours and energy to hone their academic skills can look forward to earning a college degree and earning $1 million more than a high school graduate. A strong effort on the TSI opens doors to a lifetime of opportunity.

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