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If you are applying to attend an Optometry school of any kind, the OAT will be a required test for admittance. The OAT program will cover four basic areas that are designed to test your abilities and knowledge of specific studies that are commonly used for this industry. These areas are: Survey of Natural Sciences, Reading Comprehension, Physics, and Quantitative Reasoning. They are tested in separate sections and graded as a whole.

Am I Eligible?

Eligibility for the Reading Comprehension part of the OAT and all other sections is based on your suggested completion of at least two years of college. These years typically enable a student to successfully pass the test because of the in-depth subjects covered.

We recommend that you begin the application process for the OAT a good time before you start to apply for individual optometry schools. This will allow you the proper amount of time to both schedule and take the test, as well as get the result sent out to your selected schools.

The first step in applying to take the OAT is to register for a PIN, or personal identification number. This can be done at ADA.org/OAT. Your PIN can then be used to complete your test application. The standard testing fee of $435 fee will be charged when you apply.


At the time that your application is approved, you will be sent a notification and the information needed to schedule your test. Testing sites are available throughout the U.S., its territories (including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands), and Canada.

Once your application has been processed, you will be given six months to schedule and take the test. If you do not complete it during this time period, you will have to go through the application process again and resubmit a fee.

There are fees applied for anyone who needs to reschedule/cancel their test. The amount of these fees is based on how much time is given for cancellation notice. No changes to your scheduled test can be made in the last 24 hours before your test.

  • 1-5 days and at least 24 hours before test $100
  • 6-30 days before $60
  • 31 or more days before $25

Failure of the three tests will mean that you have to wait 90 days to retake it. You will also have to provide additional information to apply for the test and may be subjected to limited testing times.

What Is Needed?

It is important to show up on time. This means at least 30 minutes before your scheduled test. Being late will mean that you forfeit the fees paid and will not be allowed to take the test without going through the application process again.

You will need to bring two current forms of ID, one primary and one secondary, with you to the test. These can be a driver’s license, a passport, or a passport card with a photo and a signature. Secondary IDs may be a debit/credit card or a library card with your signature on it.

You are not allowed to bring any personal items to the testing area. Anything brought will be stored in a designated locker away from the testing area. These may be inspected. Items considered unacceptable are:

  • Bags/purses
  • Electronic devices
  • Food/drinks
  • Jackets, hoods, hats or any outwear
  • Jewelry and watches (except for wedding/engagement rings)
  • Testing or study materials

Calculators are not needed for this section of the test. However, for those sections that may require one, a basic four-function option will be available on your screen.

What It’s All About?

The Reading Comprehension section of the test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. These will test your ability to read and understand three reading passages on several scientific topics. You will not need to have prior knowledge of these topics. These passages are strictly designed to make sure that you are able to read, comprehend, and completely analyze all the contents.

This section is provided with 60 minutes to complete. 4 hours and 50 minutes are given to finish the complete 120 questions of the test.

How Is It Scored?

A copy of your scores will be given to you when you are finished with your test. They are scored digitally at the testing site. Official reports will be sent to all schools that are listed on your application. Additional fees will be charged for sending this report to other schools or recipients that were not listed on your application.

How Can I Prepare?

We have prepared a great study guide and set of flash cards for this section of the test, as well as the others. These test preparation options will allow to you better understand what is covered is this area and how they are tested. Make sure to check out both the flash cards and study guide to have this section of the test confidentially mastered.

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