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If you’re on this page, you’re likely working towards fulfilling a major career goal: starting your official training as an optometrist. Congratulations on taking these important first steps! Before you can get started with your certification program, however, you must first prove you’re ready to handle everything the program will throw at you. This means taking and earning a passing score on the OAT (Optometry Admission Test).

If you don’t score well on the OAT, you won’t be able to get into your optometry program of choice, or any optometry program in the country. The purpose of the OAT is to gauge your knowledge of some of the basic subjects that will form the foundation of all the coursework incorporated into the average optometry program. As such, the test splits up into four parts: Quantitative Reasoning, Survey of Natural Sciences, Physics, and Reading Comprehension. On this page, you will find information regarding the OAT Quantitative Reasoning exam.

The Quantitative Reasoning exam basically functions like your standard math exam. Within 45 minutes, you will be expected to complete 40 questions. Every question featured on the exam will be in multiple choice format. You will have to solve various equations involving concepts you’ve likely seen before, including trigonometry, computation, geometry, probability, and other related subjects.

While the idea of taking such an important exam may seem daunting, the Mometrix Test Preparation team is here for you every step of the way! We care about your success, and want to help you achieve your academic goals. To help you prepare for this exam, we have composed two resources: an OAT Quantitative Reasoning practice test and an OAT Quantitative Reasoning study guide. These tools are designed to offer you additional guidance as you study. Our practice test will familiarize you with the full exam and its contents, while our study guide can offer you further direction as you shape your study plan. We hope these carefully devised study tools will become an effective part of your study plan. Good luck!

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