Reasons for English Colonization in the New World

England tried to colonize the new world several times before successfully establishing Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. The first attempt to colonize was pioneered by Sir Humphrey Gilbert. He established Newfoundland in 1583, but was ultimately met with failure. Later Sir Walter Raleigh would make two attempts of his own to settle on Roanoke Island in 1586 and 1588. The failure of the second colony caused it to be called the Lost Colony because, when Raleigh returned to the colony, it had disappeared without a trace. As mentioned before, the English were successful in 1607. The settlers came to Jamestown to mine gold and convert the Native Americans to Christianity. The Virginia Charter was also established in the early years of this colony. The Charter stated that the settlers in America would still be considered citizens of England, with all the rights associated with citizenship.

English Colonization of the New World

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