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An investor-owned utility company is looking for a professional in the construction and skilled trades industry, and you’ve applied for the job. Don’t be surprised if the company asks you to take the Construction and Skilled Trades Selection System (CAST) test. The aptitude test helps companies select the best, most qualified applicants for positions in the construction and skilled trades industry.


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First, all little background. The test was designed by a consortium of energy companies looking for a way to measure the aptitude of job candidates. Edison Electric Institute sponsored the effort, and 34 utility companies were involved in the project.

Each individual company administers the test in its own way, so candidates should check on test date and times, locations, and possible fees. The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) does not act as a clearing house for the test; for example, there are no numbers on how many people take the test or how well they do. But the institute represents electric utilities in all 50 states, making it quite likely candidates for jobs at investor-owned utilities will be asked to take this exam.

There are some similarities. EEI asks candidates to bring photo identification to any of its tests, and notes that everything needed for the test will be available at the time of the exam. That means candidates can’t bring their own calculators or dictionaries.

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The test is meant to predict a candidate’s success in one of the following jobs:

    • Transmission and Distribution
    • Facilities and Repair
    • Other Facilities (e.g., Carpenter)
    • Electrical Repair
    • Machining and Vehicle Repair
    • Meter Service and Repair

The CAST test consists of four parts — Graphic Arithmetic, Mechanical Concepts, Reading for Comprehension, and Mathematical Usage.

Here, we’ll focus on graphic arithmetic.

The test uses prints and drawings to determine a candidate’s aptitude in solving arithmetic problems. This portion of the test contains 16 questions and takes 30 minutes to administer. Given the graphical nature of the exam, this is a pencil-to-paper test.

The test contains two drawings, with several questions attached to each drawing. For example, the test may ask you to answer questions that demonstrate your skill in measuring distances between two points. You could also get questions about surface area calculation.

The test can be scored by hand or machine. The results are meant to determine the probability of succeeding at the job, and the ability to learn and perform on the job.

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