You may need to take the CAST exam if you’re hoping to embark on a career in the construction industry, or if you’re already in construction and want to be promoted to a higher level of responsibility. The actual name of the test is the Construction and Skilled Trades exam, but most people just call it the CAST test. It was developed because large utility and construction companies saw a need for a standardized way of accurately measuring a person’s aptitudes and skills for jobs in these fields. It’s actually a group of four tests, and it takes about two hours to complete all of them. The four areas tested are Graphic Arithmetic, Mechanical Concepts, Reading for Comprehension, and Mathematical Usage. All questions are multiple-choice. While the test isn’t easy, the good news is that a person can greatly increase their chances of making a high score by prepping for the exam. Use the free videos here at Mometrix Academy to make sure you’re as prepared as possible when you take the CAST test.

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CAST Study Guide

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Free CAST Exam Practice Test

Free CAST Exam Practice Test

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