A wide variety of employment opportunities exist in the fields of construction and skilled trades. Candidates seeking employment in one of these positions will most likely be required to take the Construction and Skilled Trade Selection System examination (CAST). CAST was created and is maintained by the Edison Electric Institute but is administered by individual companies.

CAST is a typical component of the employment application process for individuals seeking employment in industry jobs such as facility maintenance and repair, transmission and distribution, electrical repair, machine maintenance and repair, vehicle maintenance and repair, meter service and repair, and other skilled trades. CAST is a battery of tests used to gauge an applicant’s aptitude and their ability to learn and process new information which provides an indication of the likelihood of success on the job. CAST consists of four paper-and-pencil tests that take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Free CAST Exam Practice Test

Free CAST Exam Practice Test

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CAST Test Sections

The four aptitude tests that combine to form the CAST are Graphic Arithmetic, Mechanical Concepts, Reading for Comprehension, and Mathematical Usage. The Graphic Arithmetic test contains two drawings. The test will evaluate the applicant’s ability to use information from the drawings to solve arithmetic problems. Thirty minutes is allowed to answer the 16 questions on this test. The Mechanical Concepts test contains 44 multiple-choice questions. Each question requires the candidate to choose one of three possible answers regarding a pictorial description of a mechanical situation. A total of 20 minutes is allowed for this test. The Reading for Comprehension test includes four reading passages. Several multiple-choice questions related to the passage will follow. There is a 30 minute time limit to answer the 32 questions on this test. The Mathematical Usage test includes 18 multiple choice questions and has a time limit of 7 minutes. This test evaluates the candidate’s ability to work basic mathematical problems.

CAST Test Scoring

Results of these four tests are combined to provide a single Index Score ranging from 1 to 10. There is no defined “passing score” since each individual company can set their own score minimums. Scoring well on the CAST indicates an ability to learn and perform the job due to an understanding of mathematical relationships, possession of good analytical skills, and attention to detail. Since you are competing against other applicants and scoring well does not guarantee employment, you will want to achieve as high a score as possible.

Preparing for the CAST Test

How do you achieve a score as high as possible? Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy meal before arriving to take the test. As you take the test, read each question carefully to make sure you clearly understand it before answering. You need to watch your time, so if you are having difficulty with a question, come back to it later. If you don’t know the answer to a question, make an educated guess by eliminating the answers that you know are incorrect. In addition to those basic test taking strategies, Mometrix has quality study materials to ensure that you do your best. The CAST Exam Secrets Study Guide includes a thorough review of all topics on the exam, practice test questions, step-by-step tutorial videos, effective study habits, and even tips on how to overcome test anxiety. If you prefer to study with flashcards, Mometrix offers the CAST Exam Flashcard Study System which also includes all topics covered on the exam, practice test questions, a special report on The Leitner Method for Maximizing Flashcard Learning, study secrets, and tips on how to overcome test anxiety. We are so confident that you will benefit from these study materials that we offer a 1-year money-back guarantee. Order the CAST study guide or CAST flashcards today. If you are not satisfied with the CAST study guide or the CAST flashcards, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Overview to the CAST

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