3D Geometric Shapes

3D Geometric Shapes

                                                        3D Geometric Shapes

It’s important to be able to identify 3D geometric shapes. So right here we have what we call a rectangular prism. So this is a 3D geometric shape. And so what 3D is 3D stands for three dimensional.

And then we have other shapes which we call 2D or two dimensional. So like this square right here is two dimensional. It has width and then it has length. So this right here is the width and this is the length. And so it only has two dimensions to it.

Now a three dimensional object, like something in real life, like this white board for example, it has length going this way, it has width going this way, but it’s not perfectly flat, like right here there’s a thickness to it, and so there’s three different dimensions to it.

And so this drawing right here it still only has two dimensions to it, but it’s representing something three dimensional, something you could hold in real life. It has length, width, and height. And so this is a rectangular prism, and so the definition of that is a three dimensional prism figure with sides that are all rectangles. So this drawing right here is representing something with length, width, and height. And notice that all sides of it are rectangles, so it’s a rectangular prism.


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Last updated: 03/21/2018
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