Best Verb Tenses Review

Verb Tenses

Understanding verb tenses is critical, because verb tenses are used to show when a verb took place. If you use the wrong verb, it makes your writing very confusing. We’re going to look at four verb tenses. The first one is the past tense. Then, we have the present tense, the future tense, and the past participle tense.

Let’s look at two verbs and see what they would look like in the different tenses. First, we have the past tense. Think about the verb “walk”. What would be the past tense of the verb walk? It would be “walked”. So, even if we didn’t have all this other information about verb tenses written here and we just had the verb “walked”, anyone could look at that and know that it means that happened in the past. He walked down the street. That verb is indicating that he walked in the past.

Let’s look at the present tense of the verb walk. It would be the verb “walks”. Now, present tense means that whatever is happening is occurring now. It doesn’t always mean that it is happening right now. Think about the verb “walks”. If we say he walks to school, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is walking on the road right now headed to school. It just means that every day, currently, he walks to school.

Let’s look at the future tense. It will be “will walk”. That is the future tense of the verb “walk”. “He will walk down the street” You can just look at “will walk” and know that means something will happen in the future. Past participle is used to show that something happened in the past before something else happened. It’s going to be similar to the past tense but just a little bit different.

We’re actually going to add what’s called an auxiliary verb, or a helping verb, which is the verb “has”. So, we’re going to say “has walked. In the past tense, we would just say he walked down the street. Now we’re saying that he has walked down the street. It’s showing that it happened in the past before something else happened. Let’s look at one more verb. How about the verb “do”? The past would be “did”, as in “He did that.” The present tense would be “does”, as in “He does that.” The future tense will be “will do.” “He will do that.” The past participle would be “has done”, as in “He has done that.”

It’s critical the understand verb tenses and that you apply what you know about verb tenses to use the correct verb tense in all of your writing.



by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: January 14, 2021