TExES Social Studies 4-8 Practice Test

The TExES Social Studies 4-8 (118) test assesses your skills as an entry-level educator in the subject of social studies. It consists of 100 multiple-choice questions scored as part of the test and a variable number of additional questions that will not be scored. Only the 100 scored questions count towards your final score.


What is on the Exam?

There are 100 multiple choice questions on the test and you are allotted five hours to complete it. Sections and what percentage they make up of the exam are listed below.

The exam is broken up into two Domains, each of which covers several Standards


Social Studies Content – 71%

Social Studies Foundations, Skills and Instruction – 29%


There are 10 standards covered on the exam.

  • Social Studies Standard I: Comprehensive understanding of social sciences
  • Social Studies Standard II: Integration of various disciplines of social sciences
  • Social Studies Standard III: Planning, implementation, and evaluation of effective curriculum
  • Social Studies Standard IV: Knowledge and interpretation of significant historical events
  • Social Studies Standard V: Knowledge locations and relationships of geographical features
  • Social Studies Standard VI: Understanding the organization of economic systems
  • Social Studies Standard VII: Structures of government and how groups achieve goals
  • Social Studies Standard VIII: Comprehension of US citizenship and preparing students to participate
  • Social Studies Standard IX: How cultures form and appreciation of cultural diversity
  • Social Studies Standard X: Development of science and technology and the social impact

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Approaching Multiple Choice

The multiple-choice questions on the social studies exam test understanding of the content, which was described in the test framework section. Frequently, you are expected to do more than memorize factual information. On the exam you may be asked a question that will exercise your critical thinking abilities.

You will have to analyze the question, consider it carefully, and compare it with knowledge you have retained or make your best judgement.

You cannot leave any question unanswered. Questions with no answer are marked incorrect and could count against you. Your score is determined by the number of questions you answer correctly.

The Social Studies for grades 4–8 exam is designed to include a total of 100 multiple-choice questions, but only 80 of the questions are scored. The number of scored questions will not change; however, the number of questions that are not scored may change on the actual test. Your final score is based on the questions scored.

Unfamiliar Questions

Some questions on the exam will include a table, graph or reading passage that provides the information you will need to answer the question. Often, new formats are developed to present information. On the computer, tests may include audio and video passages. For example there may be a movie clip or animation, instead of a traditional map or reading passage.

The test might also include questions that are interactive. Because the exam is taken on the computer, these questions assess knowledge and skills that go beyond what can be tested using standard single-selection or multiple-choice questions by using technology.

You may see single questions and clustered Questions on your exam. The single-question format is either a direct question or an incomplete statement. Also, it sometimes can include a reading passage/stimulus, a graphic, a table or a combination of all three. It is multiple-choice so there will be four or more answer options that will appear below the question.

Clustered questions are usually a stimulus and two or more questions that relate to the stimulus. The stimulus may either be a reading passage, a graphic, a table, a description of an experiment or any other information you will require to answer the following questions.

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