TExES Languages Other Than English (LOTE) – Spanish 613 Exam

The TExES LOTE Spanish 613 is a test taken by those who wish to teach Spanish in Texas public schools. It is designed to gauge whether the test taker has the necessary skills and knowledge of an entry level educator on this subject.


Registration Process

There are two ways to apply for a TExES test:

Criteria 1

The first is through an Educator Preparation Program (EPP). Through this route, you will get approval from an EPP to take a certification test. This is for candidates who are taking this test as entrance to an EPP, have specialized skill and experience, or are simply trying to fulfill the requirements of an EPP.

Once you have received approval, you can create a TEA account. TEA will view your credentials and assign you with a unique TEA ID number if your application is approved. You will then need to create an ETS account using your TEA number. Through this system, you will be able to register for the LOTE -Spanish 613 test and any others that you are approved to take.

Criteria 2

The other way to applies to the following:

  • Out of State/Out of Country Candidates
  • Certification by Exam Candidates
  • Charter School Candidates

If you are not using an EPP and fit any of the descriptions above, go directly to TEA and create an account. There, your credentials and profile will be reviewed. Depending on your circumstances there may be additional information needed. Once approved, you will be able to create an account and scheduling for this test through the ETS system.

It is $131 to take this test and must be paid in full at the time of registration.

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When and Where is it?

The LOTE- Spanish 613 can be scheduled for a date and place that is convenient for you. A complete list of dates and locations will be made available to you during the registration process.
Make sure to print out your admission ticket when registration is complete.

What Should I Bring?

You will need to bring two forms of valid identification with you to the testing site. The primary must include a recent photo, your signature, and name that matches your registration information. The secondary must have your correct name as well.

You will also need to bring your admission ticket. This will allow you entrance to the site.

No personal items including calculators, study material, or electronic devices may be brought with you. Any items that you will need will be provided for you.

How is it Formatted?

The test is made up of 120 multiple choice questions and 8 constructed response tasks. You will be given a total of five hours to complete it. Each section is also timed.

It is important to note that there are 18 multiple choice questions that are not scored. These are used to scale your score and help create better tests in the future.

What is Covered?

The test is broken into seven sections. Each will contain a variety of questions and/or constructed response tasks. These questions will be from one or more broad content areas called domains. These domains are as follows:

  1. Instruction and Assessment
  2. Cultural Understanding
  3. Interpretive listening
  4. Interpretive Reading
  5. Written Expression
  6. Oral Expression

The sections and basic outline for the test is:

SectionDomains Included# of QuestionsTime AllowedWeight
Listening with Cultural and Linguistic KnowledgeII, III36 Multiple Choice50 minutes20%
Reading with Cultural and Linguistic KnowledgeII, IV39 Multiple Choice50 minutes21.4%
Writing practice1 Task5 minutesNot Scored
Interpersonal And Presentational WritingV3 Constructed response tasks: Response to email, letter, or memo Opinion/Position Essay Integrated Skills Writing50 minutes12%
Interpersonal and Presentational SpeakingVI3 Constructed Response Tasks: Integrated Speaking Skills Opinion/Position Oral presentation Stimulated Conversation15 minutes12%
Instructional PracticesI45 multiple choice45 minutes26.6%
Instructional Practices with Constructed ResponsesI2 Constructed response tasks: Lesson Plan Essay35 minutes8%


Scores for all TExES tests are scaled within the range of 100-300. You must receive at least a scaled score of 240 to pass.

Your score will be reported to you through your ETS account by 5 pm central time on the score reporting date. Your scores will automatically be made available to TEA and to your EPP.

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How to Prepare?

We know that this test is important to your career goals. That is why we want to partner with you to make the most of this testing experience. We have prepared a study guide and flash cards that will guide you through the information need to succeed at this test.

TExES LOTE Spanish Study Guide

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