TExES Journalism 7-12 Practice Test (256)

If you are wishing to teach grades seven through twelve Journalism, you must pass the 100 question TExES Journalism 7-12 exam. Here at Mometrix, we have dedicated our time and efforts to research the TExES Journalism 7-12 exam extensively. Due to this research, we have crafted the TExES Journalism 7-12 practice test.

This practice test will comprehensively address the main themes of this test, such as: Mass Media and Communication; Journalistic Writing and Photojournalism; Student-Produced Media; and Journalism in the School Community. This free practice test, partnered with our TExES Journalism 7-12 study guide, will ensure you improve your chances of passing the TExES Journalism 7-12 exam.


TExES Journalism 7-12 Study Guide

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