TExES History 7-12 Practice Test (233)

The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) History 7-12 exam is a certification exam designed to assess whether you have the knowledge and skills required to teach history in grade levels 7-12 in Texas public schools. The exam is a requirement in certification.


Test design

The exam is a five-hour computer-administered test (CAT) which consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. From four domains, questions are either single-question format or clustered question format. The four domains include:

  • World History – 30% of the test:
    • Ancient World Civilizations
    • World History from 600 A.D. to 1450 A.D.
    • World History from 1450 A.D. to 1750 A.D.
    • World History from 1750 A.D. to the present
    • Geography and Culture in World History
    • Government and Citizenship in World History
    • Economics, Science, and Technology in World History
  • U.S. History – 35% of the test:
    • Exploration and Colonization
    • Revolutionary Era and the Early Years of the Republic
    • Westward Expansion, the Civil War, and Reconstruction
    • The United States as a World Power
    • Political, Economic, and Social Developments from 1877 to the Present
    • Geography and Culture in U.S. History
    • Government and Citizenship in U.S. History
    • Economics, Science, and Technology in U.S. History
  • Texas History – 20% of the test:
    • Exploration and Colonization
    • Independence, Statehood, Civil War Reconstruction, and the Aftermath
    • Texas in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries
  • Foundations, Skills, Research, and Instruction – 14% of the test:
    • History Foundations and Skills
    • Sources of Historical Information; Interpreting and Communicating Historical Information
    • Historical Research
    • History Instruction and Assessment

Each question will require you to recall factual information and apply critical thinking skills to analyze, compare, and inform the data presented. Questions will often include graphs, maps, tables, and select passages.

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Registration, cost, and dates

Registration for the TExES History exam is available online, by phone, or by mail. The exam fee is $131.00 and is payable via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or debit card. Cash and checks are not accepted. Testing dates are available continuously within the state of Texas, nationwide and at select military installations abroad.

Test Day

On test day you will need your admission ticket and required identification. Make sure you arrive at or before the designated time on your admission ticket, so you have time to complete the sign-in process. You will not be allowed any items in the testing area, including jackets, backpacks, and electronic devices, to name a few prohibited items. Refer to the instructions for a complete list of allowed and non-allowed items.

Everything you need for the exam will be provided, including an online calculator. Once you are seated at your station, you are not allowed to talk to anyone. The exception is if you have a question or need more supplies and you have raised your hand. Failure to follow the test center rules and instructions of the testing center staff could result in the cancellation of your test and your registration fee forfeited.

Exam results and scoring

Your score report will be available on your testing account by 5 p.m., Central time, on the score reporting date. You must obtain a minimum score of 240, within a 100-300 range, to pass the TExES History exam. You are scored based on your correct responses, and incorrect responses are not penalized. Therefore, it behooves you to answer as many questions as you can, using your intellect and reasoning to work out the answers to questions you do not know.

Your scores are automatically reported to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and your Education Preparation Program (EPP), if applicable. You will not receive a report of your scores in the mail. You will need to print your score report from your online account for your records.

Preparing for the TExES History exam

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