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TACHS stands for Test for Admissions into Catholic High Schools, and it’s used by Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of New York, the Diocese of Rockville Center, and the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens. Any 8th grader hoping to enroll in a Catholic high school in the New York City area will need to take the TACHS as part of the admissions process. It is only for students who will be in 9th grade in the following school year. Students who are hoping to transfer to a New York City Catholic high school as a 10th, 11th, or 12th grader don’t need to take the exam.

The test is given in November of each year, and scores can be forwarded to three different Catholic high schools. There are no official passing or failing scores on TACHS; each school sets its own standards when it comes to deciding what is or isn’t a good enough score. It takes around two and a half hours to take the exam, and there are approximately 200 questions on it, all multiple-choice.

There are four sections – Reading, Language, Math, and Abilities. Reading covers vocabulary and reading comprehension. Language covers sentence structure, paragraph structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar, writing clearly, expressing ideas in an organized way, etc. Math covers estimating, solving problems, understanding graphs and tables, integers, analogies, fractions, sequences, decimals, word problems, percents, algebra, measurements, plane geometry, circles, polygons, etc. The Abilities section measures reasoning abilities, and it covers patterns and sequences, problem solving, and abstract reasoning.

Getting into a good Catholic high school in the New York City area isn’t easy, and a good performance on the TACHS test can go a long way toward helping your son or daughter make the cut. Students should take advantage of the free TACHS test prep videos at the top of this page to help them do their very best on the exam.

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