Identifying the Purpose of the Author

Purpose of an Author
The purpose of an author is why the writer wrote the paper. It’s what motivated him to write something. There are three basic types of motivations or purposes of an author. They either wrote something to inform, entertain, or persuade. It’s important as a reader to understand the purpose of the author, because that helps you better understand the text. Generally, it’s pretty easy to determine what type of paper something is.

An informative paper is basically when the reader or the writer is just giving the reader facts about something. They’re telling them more about something.

A paper that is meant to entertain is generally fiction. Any kind of fiction work is meant to entertain. Occasionally, fiction will serve a double purpose of trying to inform and trying to persuade.

Finally, the third purpose is to persuade. This is actually the hardest type to determine, because generally, an author is going to try to hide that they’re trying to persuade you. When someone knows are trying to be persuaded, they’re going to be wary or skeptical of the arguments that the writer is throwing at them.

A lot of times, a writer will try to disguise their persuasive paper as a paper that’s meant to inform or a paper that’s meant to entertain, but actually, it’s meant to persuade the reader. Those are the three main types of purposes of an author: to inform, to entertain, or to persuade.



by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: August 5, 2021