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Although not required in every state, the Private Investigator test is used in many states to qualify individuals for the role of private investigator.

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Private Investigator Test Outline

The contents of the test will be different depending on which state you take the Private Investigator test in. In Alabama, for example, the exam contains 50 questions and has a time limit of one hour, while the New York exam contains 100 questions and has a time limit of 2.5 hours.

Each state includes slightly different topics on the exam, but most exams will cover the following:

  • Private investigator licensing and procedures
  • Information gathering
  • Planning
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Ethics
  • Trial preparation
  • Surveillance
  • State laws and regulations

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Private Investigator Test Registration

To register for this exam, you will need to contact your state licensing board, who will ensure you are eligible to take the exam. Most boards will require you to submit an application for testing.

The examination fee for each state is different, ranging anywhere from $15 to $500+.

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Private Investigator Test Scoring

The passing score requirements also differ from state to state, but you will almost always need to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly to pass the exam.

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