OSAT Physical Science (113) Practice Test

In the state of Oklahoma subject area tests (OSAT) are required for teaching certification. The content of the OSAT for Physical Science test is constructed from the Oklahoma Full Subject-Matter Competencies and national standards.


The subject area tests are able to assess a candidate’s expertise in a particular subject area based on knowledge of an entry-level candidate. The Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT) for Physical Science is approximately 80 selected-response questions worth 85% of the tests value and 1 constructed response question worth 15% of the tests value.

The selected-response section is divided into four subareas. These subareas are as follows: Foundations of Scientific Inquiry worth 24%; Motion, Forces, and Energy worth 32%; and Structure of Matter and Changes in Matter worth 29%. The constructed-response section of the test is a combination of all subareas and is worth 15%.

This is a computer-based test (CBT). The time frame to complete the OSAT for Physical Science is 4 hours plus a 15 CBT tutorial. A periodic table is provided on the test. An assignment is included that allows a candidate to handwrite their responses and scan their responses.

A passing score of 240 is required on the OSAT for Physical Science. This subject area test contains randomly selected questions from Oklahoma educators. These questions are then validated by a separate panel of Oklahoma educators.

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