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The Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR) test is a subset of the larger Aviation Standard Test Battery (ASTB-E) used by the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Your scores on this test will be used to decide whether you qualify for officer training. It will also be used to help decide which occupation(s) you will be most suited for.

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OAR Exam Eligibility

The OAR is open to anyone who meets the minimum criteria for applying to the officer training program. In order to apply for officer candidate school, you need to be a US citizen between the ages of 19 and 35, and you need to have your bachelor’s degree.

If you meet those criteria, you can register for the OAR and apply for the officer training program. As part of the application process, you will also undergo a thorough background investigation.

To schedule your exam and learn more about what is involved in the application process, talk to your recruiter. You will be allowed to take the test a maximum of three times in your lifetime. So it is important to schedule an appointment that leaves you with plenty of time to prepare and make sure that you do your best.

OAR Test Outline

As mentioned previously, the OAR test is part of the ASTB-E exam. If you are not interested in an aviation-related occupation, you only need to complete the OAR section of the ASTB-E. The OAR portion will take between 1 and 2.5 hours

outline of the sections of the ASTB-E exam

  • Math Skills Test (MST): This section evaluates your knowledge of college-level math concepts. Topics covered include basic arithmetic operations, solving for variables, fractions, roots, exponents, and the calculation of angles, area, and perimeters of geometric shapes.
  • Reading Comprehension Test (RCT): This section tests your ability to read and comprehend passages. You will often be asked to identify the main point of the passage, or whether it supports a particular statement.
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT): This subtest measures your knowledge of basic principles of physics and mechanics. Topics covered included gases and liquids, pressure, volume, velocity, components and performance of engines, principles of electricity, gears, weight distribution, and the operation of simple machines.

OAR Scores

The OAR is given a cumulative score ranging from 20 to 80. Average scores range from 40 to 60. The minimum score you need to aim for in order to qualify for officer training will depend on which branch of the military you are in. For the Navy, for example, you will need a minimum score of 35. It is highly recommended that you aim above this minimum, however.

Many officer training programs are competitive and have a limited number of available spots. Even if you do meet the minimum cutoff, you are not guaranteed admission. The higher your score, the stronger your application will be.

How Computer-Adaptive Testing Works

The OAR test is computer-adaptive. This means that, depending on your performance, the difficulty of your test may increase or decrease as you go on. Here’s a look at how it works:

A flowchart that shows the adaptive nature of the exam

The test starts with a section judged to be of medium difficulty, and depending on your performance, the next section may be easier or harder. If you do well in the first section, the second section will be harder; conversely, if you do poorly on the first section, the second section will be easy.


What is the OAR test?

The Officer Aptitude Rating test is made of three sections of the Aviation Standard Test Battery (ASTB-E). The test is used to determine your eligibility for officer training.

How long is the OAR test?

The test takes between 1 and 2.5 hours in total.

Is the OAR test hard?

The OAR test is not a particularly hard test. It is generally compared to the GRE in terms of difficulty.

What is a passing score for the OAR test?

The passing score for this test depends on which branch of the military you wish to enlist in.

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This study guide has a lot of useful information for reading, math, and mechanical comprehension. The mechanical section is very good and goes into much detail like the OAR. The video links to further explain the problems is a major plus!

OAR Study Guide – Gabby

This book was the closest guide to the real test! I only had a week to prepare and I was really happy with my score thanks to this book! Totally would buy it if you're considering the OAR.

OAR Study Guide – Ryan R.

This book gives you all the formulas for [Math, Mechanical Comp.] and good tips for Reading Comp. The Reading Comprehension section gives excerpts from actual aviation books, and asks you the comprehension questions from that. I'm really glad I bought this!

OAR Study Guide – Ana

I'm really enjoying your book and it is easy to read and to understand! No complicated explanations and examples. As a matter of fact, I don't even use the other one I bought together with your book. Now my confidence is up and I feel good about taking the OAR test. I will recommend to everyone.

OAR Study Guide – Customer

I have been using your study guide so far and I love it! Everything is simple, concise and to the point. Very easy to understand, especially the Mechanical Comprehension which is something I am not too familiar with. I also especially loved the section on Math myths! It wasn't something I was expecting to find in a study guide, but I'm glad that it was included, because it helped ease my anxiety with math.

OAR Study Guide – Kerry

The material in the study guide is a far more accurate and detailed review of what is actually on the test. It gives great explanations on what types of problems there are and what kind of strategies will help you to improve your score. I also enjoy that you can go online for additional information and study material.

OAR Study Guide – Ryan C.

Excellent study guide! It is very practical, easy to retain information, and to the point. The online lessons included are very helpful for visual learners like me! Highly recommended.

OAR Study Guide – Customer

From the materials you provided, I will feel more comfortable with my studies to pass this test my second round. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to study and pass the OAR exam. I found that the Math portion is in-depth and shows how to work through the materials that can be understood better.

OAR Study Guide – Miriah


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