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The MoGEA (Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments) exam basically functions like your standard entrance exam. The state of Missouri wants to ensure all of its aspiring teachers are as prepared for the job as possible. As such, they want to test you on all of your core academic subjects before admitting you into any certification program. No teacher-to-be can start their training without first passing this exam. It splits up into four different sections: Writing; Reading Comprehension and Interpretation; Science and Social Studies; and Mathematics. This page covers the Social Studies portion of the exam, which is typically bundled together with Science.


Social studies is the subject that allows students and scholars to understand why the world functions as it does on a societal level. It teaches us about the world’s various cultures and what influences them and their customs. Competency with social studies is a key component of a well-rounded education—a trait that is important in today’s teachers.

The MoGEA Social Studies exam is one of the shorter ones, spanning a full hour in terms of time allotment. It features 40 questions, all of them in multiple choice format. Questions on this exam will cover such subjects as Social Studies Inquiry and Literacy Skills (25 percent) and Fundamental Social Studies Concepts (25 percent).


While the idea of taking such an important exam may seem intimidating, the Mometrix Test Preparation team wants to assure you that you have nothing to fear! On this page, you’ll find our MoGEA Social Studies practice test. We have crafted this practice test with accuracy in mind, all to ensure you’re able to gain a thorough glimpse of how the real test will be presented. We recommend it to anyone interested in familiarizing themselves with the exam’s contents.


For extra help, we also suggest turning to our MoGEA Social Studies study guide, also featured on this page. This tool can provide you with further direction as you prepare. Good luck, and study hard!


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